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How to get the Legendary Crossbow Diagram in Palworld

Legendary crossbow diagram in Palworld are among the rarest schematic drops. Although guns are an important part of the game, the Legendary Crossbow can deal more damage than any other weapon.

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Getting your hands on a Legendary Crossbow may take some time, but it’s worth it in the end. Here’s how to get the Legendary Crossbow Diagram in Palworld.

Palworld: How to get legendary crossbow diagram

Palworld map showing the location of Alpha BushiBushi is located just south of the fast travel point. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To get Legendary Crossbow Diagram (Crossbow Diagram 4) in Palworld, you need to defeat Alpha Bush who is staying south of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster fast travel point or specifically -117, -491. Check our map above for their exact location.

Go there, enter the instance through the glowing circle and you will face a level 23 Bushi. Defeat it and you will receive the Legendary Crossbow Diagram.

Tip: Low level Bushi

This Bushi is a low level Bushi that can be raised multiple times. We recommend being at least level 25 to catch Bushi as well as bringing along some water-type friends to destroy them.

How to defeat Bushi and get the Legendary Crossbow Diagram in Palworld

The player stands in front of Alpha BushiAlpha Bushi is waiting for a challenger. Screenshot of Dot Esports

As long as you are level 25 or higher, you will have no problem defeating Bushi. For use only a few strong friends (the best is Water Friends, as Bushi is Fire Pal) and deals some damage. Bushi has a nasty attack where it instantly teleports next to you or your Friend and hits hard, but it’s not like the armor is impenetrable.

Author’s note

If Bushi likes you, it can cause you to become solid and stuck in a wall, like in my case. What a Pal—pun intended. All I had to do was stab it with a metal spear a few times, and it didn’t even move from the spot (not that it could).

Bushi in Palworld is stuck in a wall and the player is hitting it with a spearThanks for making my fight easier, Bushi. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Unfortunately, getting Bushi to drop the Legendary Crossbow Scheme will probably take some time. See, there is no guarantee it will remove the Diagram after one execution. I had to beat it five times before the Diagram was removed. You can fight Bushi once an hour, so this is not a big deal, as you will get a legendary Crossbow for your trouble.

How to make a legendary Crossbow in Palworld

You might think that crafting a Legendary Crossbow would take a lot of rare resources, but no. You just need the basics that you probably already have. Here’s all you need to craft a Legendary Crossbow:

  • 337 Wood
  • Stone 270
  • 67 bars
  • 33 nails
  • 12 divisions of ancient civilizations

I’m surprised it doesn’t require high quality Pal Oil, like many other powerful weapons. That’s really all there is to it. Keep fighting Bushi until it drops a Diagram and you’re ready. It’s a bit tricky since the Diagram isn’t guaranteed to drop, but it’s a fun fight, especially if Bushi gets stuck to a wall. Good luck, have fun and try to be kind to your Friends.