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How to get the Eternal Fireball spell in Enshrouded

Eternal magic is sought after in Cover because they are convenient; you don’t have to follow the charge limit and can use them as long as you have mana left. The Eternal Fireball spell is one of the best of the eight spells and easily the most fiery.

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In particular, Fireball is very handy because it gives you strong ranged damage Cover Fight and light up the area around you while exploring its lands.

This can be obtained like other Permanent Spells. Here’s how.

How to unlock Eternal Fireball enchantment in Cover

Eternal Spell quest menu in Enshrouded.There is a task to complete first. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To unlock the Fireball spell, you need to unlock the Eternals. It is a specific process in Cover: you have to complete a quest and craft tools. ARRIVE Unlock Eternal Magicyou need to Complete the quest given by the Alchemist. It will take you to hard-to-reach areas and enemies will get in your way, so it’s best to be prepared.

Once the quest is completed, Eternal Magic will be available as an Ammo recipe. You will also need to upgrade crafting stations based on the level of the recipe, such as building a Laboratory. The Eternal Fireball spell can be crafted from 17th level.

The formula for the Eternal Fireball spell in Cover

The covered player uses the BrazierFurnish the kiln with wood and earth. Screenshot of Dot Esports

This is the recipe to craft the Eternal Fireball spell in Cover.

ItemRecipeEternal Fireballx30 Charcoal
x3 copper bars
x50 Amber

It will take you quite a while to collect all these resources. To get Coal, you need to get a Workbench from the Blacksmith and then craft a Brazier using stone, in addition to dirt and wood.

Here’s what you need to get 30 Charcoal:

  • x20 stones
  • Wooden diary x34
  • x6 Dirt

Copper rods also require a lot of materials. To get three of them, you will need 21 Copper Bars, 9 Tin Bars, and even more Charcoal (30 Bars total). Luckily, you only need to do this entire process once. When you craft an Eternal Magic, you will be able to use it as much as you want and move on to the next Magic recipe.