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How to get the authentic Aohige Aojiru in Persona 3 Reloaded

You may become closer to Elizabeth in time Reload Persona 3and she has many requests for you to fulfill as you complete other quests. One of these requests is to find the true Aohige Aojiru, but the one who gets it will not give up easily.

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You’ll need to search all over your town to track it down, and this quest also requires you to get through Tartarus. Although you may not be able to complete this requirement immediately, you should keep it in mind while playing. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the authentic Aohige Aojiru for Elizabeth in Reload Persona 3.

Where to get authentic Ahoge Aojiru for Elizabeth Reload Persona 3

Where to find True Ahoge Aojiru in Persona 3 ReloadedThe pharmacy owner is willing to trade for True Ahoge Aojiru. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can find The real Ahoge Aojiru when talking to Pharmacy Owner Aohige at Paulownia Mall IN Reload Persona 3. He reveals to you that he has the item you are looking for, but he will only give it up if you give him a specific item: Vintage Yagen.

Thankfully, he reveals where you can find it Classic Yagen. It can be traded in Mayoido Antiques the store next door. This shop opens in Persona 3 Reload starting on July 18where you can pick up SP items and fuse weapons to create powerful tools in Tartarus.

How to get a classic Yagen in Reload Persona 3

How to find Vintage Yagen in Persona 3 ReloadedYou can exchange it for a Vintage Yagen at the Antiques store. Screenshot of Dot Esports

When you have access to the Mayoido Antiques store, the owner shares that she has Vintage Yagen for sale. However, she is only willing to give it to you if you trade the specific gems she wants. You can find these gems in Tartarus and you need to keep an eye out two Topaz tablets And a turquoise.

There are certain levels of Tartarus that you must explore to find these gems. When tracking them down, I’ve had the best luck searching within Yabbasha And Taziah region. There are locations where you can find them later, but if you’re trying to complete this quest earlier in the Reload Persona 3 Story, these are the best places to find these resource gems, they have a chance to drop in both of these areas from treasure chests. This is a tougher request than when Elizabeth wanted a bowl of Umiushi beef.

It will take some time to find both, and they are randomized, which means spending a lot of time jumping across floors. This can be a good opportunity for you to upgrade specific party members that you might not use too often.

Once you have the Topaz and Turquoise, bring them to the Mayoido Antiques store to trade. You can then go next door to get the True Ahoge Aojiru from the apothecary store and bring it to Elizabeth to complete this request in Reload Persona 3.