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How to get the Alchemy Station in Enshrouded

One of the core NPCs you’ll want to unlock fairly quickly in Cover gameplay is Alchemist, as they are essential for crafting magic weapons, magic armor, and changing staff. However, you can’t start right away; To craft essential items like the Alchemy Base, you must first unlock and craft it Alchemy station.

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Cover: How to get the Alchemy Station, explained

The alchemist is in the glowing cocoon. Image via Keen Games.

To get to the Alchemy Station at Coveryou must be first unlock Alchemist Balthazar, who can be found in the Ancient Vault. Then you have to complete his exclusive quests to get his equipment. The special quest that unlocks the Alchemy Station is called A black cauldron for the alchemist, Where should you look? The alchemist’s black cauldron.


You must also have Nomad Highland Spire unlocked and have a level four Flame to accept this quest.

How to complete the Alchemist’s Cauldron quest

Although there are many steps to Complete the Alchemist’s Cauldron quest IN Cover, they can be summarized as follows:

  • Talk to Emily Fray farmer.
  • Survey Ikora’s residence. Ikora’s last known location was in Ravenbleak and its closest stop was the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. Glide towards town and you’ll know you’re on the right track when you see a large skeleton.
  • In Ravenbleak, you have to search for three books of Lore: A hunter in the dark (in the room near the two gray statues), Its flesh is strong (in the center of town) and I cried out. The Void Answered (down the stairs to the left of A Hunter in the Dark).
  • Follow Ikora’s Trail. Follow the mission marker.
  • Import Cradle of sunset (this is the covered area) and beat Monster falls. It’s a boss, so you have to be careful. It’s slow, so you can dodge its attacks easily, and they’re telegraphed well because they’re all blue. The boss summons small creatures that you need to be wary of. And as this fight takes place in the shroud, you must be mindful of the time limit of your shroud.
  • Steal the black cauldron from the Fell Monster.

As soon as you loot the Black Cauldron, you will unlocks the Alchemy Station recipe at the Alchemist. The final part of this quest is craft Alchemy Station, which requires the following components:

  • 20 fired bricks
  • Six wooden planks
  • 10 Nails (this can be crafted with Scrap Metal after you unlock the Blacksmith).
  • Three pieces of wood
  • Five bronze bars
  • A black cauldron (that you already have)

Once you have crafted and placed the Alchemy Station near the Alchemist, you will have completed this quest and can now craft resources such as the Alchemy Base in Cover.