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How to get Sulfur in Enshrouded

Sulfur is an important resource you need to hunt as you progress Cover. This is a difficult resource to find, and it may take you some time to locate it once you’ve been to certain areas.

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If you’re struggling to find it, chances are you’ll have to go somewhere where Sulfur regularly spawns. Thankfully, once you reach this point, you’ll be able to find many Sulfur mines that you can take back to your base and start crafting. Here’s everything you need to know to take Sulfur Cover.

Where to get sulfur? Cover

Where to find Sulfur in EnshroudedThe area around this Cave has many Sulfur mines. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Sulfur occurs frequently in the regions between Kindlewastes and the Nomadic Highlands in yours Cover world. My best advice is to explore any caves you come across or mountain slopes. Look for yellow rocks protruding from the terrain as these are Sulfur deposits.

Like the other resources in Cover, such as Lapislazuli, Sulfur sticks out of the ground and you can use a pickaxe to mine it. I have discovered considerable amounts of sulfur in the southern mountains Ancient Tower – Nomand Highlandsand north of Ancient Tower – Kindlewastesbut some enemies were chasing me in the level range from 18 to 23. At first I had a little trouble getting the Sulfur, but gradually it got easier.

Where to find Sulfur in EnshroudedSulphurs are yellow rocks protruding from the walls in Kindlewaste cave. Screenshot of Dot Esports

I also discovered that many sulfur mines are Carefully guarded. They are often protected by standard enemies or large animals, such as scorpions or beetle-like creatures that emerge from the Shroud. Anytime you want to search for Sulfur in Cover, it’s a good idea to prepare for a fight. I went through the same steps when searching for Iron Ore, another resource you’ll find in this area.

Once you have enough Sulfur, go back Cover facility where you can use it in your crafting projects. Notable craftsmen frequently requested Sulfur as Alchemist, carpenterAnd Hunter. The Farmer And Blacksmith do not need Sulfur in their projects, but this may change in the future, because Cover still in early access.