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How to get Sugar in Enshrouded

If you need to refill your Stamina CoverA quick Sugar Rush will help you. Road is a consumable item Cover and it has one of the easier recipes in the game.

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Before I knew I could craft Sugar, I interacted with Sugar Canes. The sticks also provide Stamina Recharge energy when consumed, but I didn’t look twice at them when I discovered Sugar. Get Your Inner Line Cover Inventory can be useful when you desperately need to increase your stamina.

Where to buy Sugar Cover

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You can get Sugar from the Farmer in Coverbut first you need to complete some requirements, including placing Farmers in your Shelter and completing the “Almanac Of Plants and Seedlings” quest.

To unlock and start collecting Sugar from Farmers, you must:

  • Set the farmer in your Shelter.
  • Complete the Almanac Of Plants and Seedlings quest for Farmers.
  • Collect two sugar cane trees.
  • Go see the farmer and Find the Way in Energy-Supply.

After checking these three slots, you will be able to craft Sugar to give you 20 stamina refills when consumed.

Where to find sugar cane? Cover

Sugarcane often appears in nomadic highlands. Harvesting Sugar Canes will add two of them to your inventory, enough to craft one Sugar.

Exploring different recipes and resources will be easier if Cover had a creative mode. Due to the lack of cheats and console commands in the game, you will need to unlock recipes and find resources manually.

Once you figure out how the shroud works and master the tricks to survive longer in it, you’ll unlock many new resource-filled areas in the game. EQUAL CoverIts full map opens up, as does its storyline, which is a permanent part of the game for everyone as there is no procedural generation in Cover.