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How to get Saffron in Enshrouded

Saffron has many uses Cover. You can use it to make Golden Cloth, needed for mage sets, but it also goes well with flatbreads with Roasted Wolf Meat (which is good for Constitution and Strength) and which is required to upgrade your Flame to level six.

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Although you may not encounter it early in the game, this resource will grow in desert areas such as Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes, with one of its largest farms located in the last area covered early access. You may not need to farm it if you just want to craft a few pieces of Golden Cloth, but you’ll need almost a full pile to get your Flame to max level. This is the best location we have found to grow Saffron in Coverwith an alternate location if you can’t access Kindlewastes yet.

Where to find Saffron in Enshrouded

Like other resources, you can literally grow Saffron if you create Saffron Seedlings. They require a Saffron plant, water and a Fertilized Farm Land. This method is one of the most reliable ways to obtain any plant and we recommend doing this with Flax as getting large quantities will be difficult and necessary for Linen and Padding . However, there are two main Saffron points that you can use to stockpile this resource, which can save you time and effort.

The best place to grow Saffron in the city. Cover: Sunsimmer Terrain, Kindlewastes

The best location to grow Saffron in Cover is the Sunsimmer basement, located southeast of Umbral Hollow and southwest of Brittlebush, in the eastern half of the map. It’s almost entirely east of the Ancient Spire—the Kindlewastes fast travel point, though you’ve got more than 1300 meters to go. The enemies around this area are level 21although you won’t find many of them.

Sunsimmer Souterrain is an abandoned village, although the people here have been kind enough to stock tons of Saffron that you can easily pick into their planters. We’ve been getting over 20 Saffron per run here, which will make it easy for you to collect as many as you want.

The Enshrouded map shows the location of Sunsimmer Souterrain, to the left of Kindlewastes Ancient Spire.This is our favorite Saffron growing spot in Kindlewastes. Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you want to get Saffron quickly, we recommend setting up a base nearby, making sure the radius of the Altar doesn’t touch the plants you want to grow. Get all the plants, then return to the main menu to reset the world (or have the host do it, if you’re playing with someone else).

There is also a Lapislazuli mine about 300 meters to the northeast (marked on our map with a blue bag icon) if you are looking to mine this elusive ore, so you have can create a base that helps both.

Alternative Saffron growing location: Nomad Plateau, by Ancient Spire

If you don’t have access to Kindlewastes yet but need to get some Saffron, you can farm some at the entrance to a cave, just southeast of Ancient Spire—the Nomad Highlands fast travel point. We learned this trick from content creator KpShaamino before discovering Sunsimmer Souterrain, and it helped us get Saffron in the meantime. Enemies around here will also be level 21.

Wrapped map showing a saffron farm in the Nomadic Highlands.This location will work if you don’t have access to another location. Screenshot of Dot Esports

This place has about six Saffron trees so it is not as abundant as Sunsimmer Souterrain. However, it has some advantages: You can easily get it from the nearby Ancient Spire, which saves you the trouble of having to build a base, and you’ll probably access it sooner than Kindlewastes. It takes longer to farm, but this is still a good enough alternative if you’re willing to reset your world every now and then.