Blog - February 3, 2024

How to get Rooibos in Enshrouded

rooibos is a plant that you can find while exploring Cover. It won’t appear in every area of ​​the game, but it’s something you’ll need to keep an eye on for the many crafting projects you need to complete at your base.

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The problem with Rooibos is that you won’t get it anywhere in the world. Rooibos can’t actually be found until later in the game, in areas full of dangerous creatures—and if you’re not prepared to face them, they’ll easily overwhelm you and your party.

Thankfully, you can most likely find it a few times and then bring it back to your base to start farming at home. Here’s what you need to know about how to introduce Rooibos Cover.

Where to buy Rooibos Cover

The map has markers showing where to find Rooibos in Enshrouded.You can visit locations around the Nomad Plateau to find Rooibos. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Rooibos is a plant found around the Nomad Plateau IN Cover. I was able to spy a lot of things south of the Ancient Spire at this location, which you can find here. northeast of the Ancient Spire/Kindlewastes region. We’ve marked it on the map above for clarity.

You can find Rooibos growing in desert area. I don’t find it too similar to Kindlewastes; I’m stuck south and west of the Nomad Plateau, beyond the Shroud. I tried exploring the Shroud to see if it offered any Rooibos, but I can never find anything, and I think it would be better to stick to safer areas. However, there are still some enemies wandering outside the Shroud, such as big cats, skeletons, or scorpions that drop scales.

When trying to find Rooibos from afar, look Dense green plant with yellow flowers inside. Plants with yellow flowers usually produce three Rooibos fruits, but if you find plants without these flowers they only produce one Rooibos fruit. You can also find them close by Sugar canewhich you can use to increase your stamina.

The player stands next to a blooming green tree in Enshrouded.Look for thorny plants with yellow flowers. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can then bring Rooibos back to your base and use it. I also recommend finding your way there Seed bed which you can do with Farmer where you can Plant Rooibos anywhere near your basemaking keeping track of it in yours a much easier place Cover world. There aren’t too many projects that require Rooibios, but it would be useful to hide it for those specific projects.