Blog - February 4, 2024

How to get Operator Clean Kills in MW3

IN Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), your main goal will always be to destroy your enemies. Kill them all is a type of kill that can unlock equipment from your arsenal, but you might not know exactly what the term means.

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You can unlock new weapons in MW3 not only by increasing your rank, but also by completing daily challenges that count towards growing your arsenal. These daily challenges may require you to achieve specific kill types, such as Penetration, Strike, or Clean Kill.

If you encounter a new challenge that requires you to achieve a specified number of Clean Kills, we’ve got you covered. Like part one, week eight’s challenge is set to be unlocked Emergency work blueprint.

This is How to kill clean in MW3.

What is clean killing? MW3?

To get Operator Clean Kills in MW3you need to Avoid taking bullets, melee or explosive damage from your targets before killing them. It still counts as a Kill if you get flashed or lose your vision—as long as you don’t take damage.

Along with the clean kill challenges, you can also find demanding daily challenges Removed or ADS Clean Kills. These are simply kills that meet the requirements listed above, and they are also performed while aiming down your sights or with a suppressor attachment equipped to your weapon.

How to get Clean Kills in MW3

Covert Shoes are a great tool to avoid detection. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Best way to get Clean Kills MW3 is to surprise your enemy. The less time the opposing player has to react to your attack, the less likely you are to take damage. To do this, I recommend downloading pages that can help you be invisible on the map and avoid detection on the minimap.

The CCT Comms Vest and UAV Killing or scoring points can both increase the frequency and duration of enemies appearing on your map, giving you more information to navigate around rival players. I also recommend Covert Sneakers as these Boots will completely hide the sound of your footsteps. The Ghost T/V Camo is another great device to use as it blocks detection by UAVs, enemy radar, and other sensors.

Finally, every hallway in MW3 are different and player behavior is unpredictable. Don’t get too discouraged if it takes a few corridors to meet your challenge, and keep an eye out for good ambush opportunities and favorable spawns.