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How to get Obsidian ore in Enshrouded

Mined resources are not easy to find because they are stacked in specific places. The same is true for Obsidian, one of the rarest resources in the world. Cover.

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You will likely find resources through the Black Cauldron crafting recipe. Unfortunately, you have very little chance of finding Obsidian Ore in the wild if you don’t know where to look, as opposed to more common resources like Iron and Tin Ore.

Black rock pools are remarkable but you can only find them in a few remote locations. Resources can also be hidden inside stone walls, but you need to be extremely lucky to find them. Below are the best Obsidian ore farming locations Cover.

Best farming locations for Obsidian ore in Cover

A map with blue points.Go north. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Map Genie

Co Tthree locations where you can find Obsidian ore IN Cover. They are around Nomad Highlands ancient tower, surrounded by many mining sites. Here’s how to get it.

Northeast of the mining fissure

First, you can Find Obsidian ore under the rock arch northeast of the Mining Rift. You can get there by gliding west from Ancient Spire. You’ll find a stone arch with a cart and crate below, near a large mushroom pool. After going under the dome, look left and you will see a pool of black rocks. This is where Obsidian ore is mined.

East of Nomad Highlands ancient tower

The second farming point includes two locations close to each other where you can find Obsidian Ore. Start from the north location. You can glide there from the Nomad Highlands Ancient Tower.

On the top of the mountain, on the way to the Sun Temple, you can see one small hunter camp. If you mine the inner wall, you will get Limestone. But you will also discover a chest. To the left of the chest, carved a little deeper into the wall, you can find Obsidian Ore.

Once you get the Ore there, you can glide south and notice another stone arch, very similar to the first one. There are also carts and barrels below, as well as a store of Obsidian ore on the left.

Tips for mining Obsidian ore more easily

Obsidian ore is not easy to mine. You need to swing your pickaxe multiple times to mine it, which means it will take some time and you will spend a lot of durability on it.

To make the process go smoother, you can unlock talents that will help you, such as Quality gears (your tool will lose less than half its durability), Mason (you gain 30% increased damage against stone objects) or Miner (you have a 10% chance of getting an extra resource from mining). It’s also important to have one strong hoe.

What is Obsidian ore used for? Cover?

A character mines obsidian on the wall.You can not miss it. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Obsidian ore is not used in many recipes. It looks like you come across recipes that require it when you reach the final area of ​​the game, so all recipes that include it are yet to be confirmed. Here’s a formula we know it’s used for:

ItemRecipeBlack Cauldron3x Iron Bar
2x copper rod
2x Obsidian Ore
Bone meal 15x

We will update this article when we confirm more recipes featuring Clear Obsidian Ore recipes Cover.