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How to get more storage in Palworld

Throughout your adventure in Palworld, you will find various items and crafting materials. Your inventory can fill up quite quickly, which means you’ll have to return to your base to unload. On the contrary, if you try to carry more than allowed, your movement speed will decrease.

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Thankfully, this problem has a simple solution: Get more storage.

Palworld Storage guide: How to store items and create more storage space

An Incineram building in Palworld.Load up and carry more. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Pocketpair on YouTube

If you want to increase your carrying capacity in Palworld you need to increase your Weight index when you level up. If not, you will need to be conscious of your inventory and Drop heavy items to keep yourself from slowing down too heavy, especially if you’re worried about redefining your character’s stats.

Dropping items is definitely not ideal, as nearly everything you can find in Palworld useful. To avoid unnecessary littering, you need to get used to traveling back to your base and Put your excess items in different storage compartments like chests that you can build. This could be locked by password If you are also playing online on a shared server, then you can easily protect your rare items from being stolen even if you don’t keep them with you.

How to unlock and craft Clear Chests Palworld: Recipe for making chests

Store valuables at home so there’s no inventory left when you’re out. Screenshot of Dot EsportsMore trunks equals more space at home. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Chests are one of the first items you unlock when learning how to build a base Palworld. Friend unlock its crafting recipe when your Player Level reaches level two and you only need a single Tech Point to gain access to it.

Chests do not need to have existing structures to craft them, so you can craft them and place them anywhere on the ground in your base. They are also easy to make. To craft a clear chest Palworldyou will probably need:

  • 15 Wood
  • Five Stones

All items stored in Palworld and how to get them

If you get tired of using basic chests or want something a little more eye-catching when upgrading your base, you can unlock more options for storing items as you continue to level up level of your player. You can see it all Palworld items have an Inventory below, along with how to craft them and how many slots they contain.

Section NameUnlock levelsManufacturing requirementsStorage slotWooden Chest 215x Wood
5x Stone 10 Wooden Box 830x Wood
5x Stone 10 Wooden Shelves 840x Wood
2x Nails 10 Wooden Crates 830x Wood
5x Stone8Wooden crate shelves870x Wood
10x Stone15Wooden wall shelves820x Wood
5x Stone2Antique bookshelf1440x Wood
2x Nail10Antique Wardrobe1470x Wood
5x Nail20Antique Chest1430x Wood
10x Ingots10Antique Side Chests1415x Wood
3x Ingot7Iron wall shelves1415x Wood
10x Workpieces3Iron Shelves2620x Workpieces
1x Nail15Long iron shelf2620x Workpiece
2x Nail15Orange Locker2630x Embryo
3x Nail20Locker2630x Bars
3x Nail20Large crate32100x Workpiece40Small crate3220x Wood
10x Ingots 10 Fabric-covered boxes 3215x Wood
10x bars
2x Fabric 10 Refined Metal Chest 3950x Wood
20x nails
20x Refined Ingots40