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How to get Lettuce Seeds in Palworld

Having a steady supply of food for you and your friends is important Palworld. You’ll need Lettuce Seeds to grow Lettuce for more advanced recipes—and we’re here to show you how to get them.

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Accommodation food Palworld It can be a problem if you go on an adventure without plenty of supplies, so it’s wise to build a farm at your base to ensure you’re never short. While Wheat for Bread will do, you should upgrade to Tomato and Lettuce farms as you progress.

Of course, you will need it Lettuce seeds before you can get started grow lettuce and there are two ways you can get them.

Where to buy Lettuce Seeds Palworld

The Merchant's Inventory in Palworld shows Lettuce Seeds for sale.Plant your seeds. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The easiest way to get Clear Lettuce Seeds Palworld is to buy them from the Seller, although not every Wandering Trader you find will have them for sale. I only found one seller of Lettuce Seeds, along with Lettuce, and he was in the high level area around the volcano.

If you feel brave or capable of venturing into this area without dying, you can find the Merchant at Fisherman’s Point south of the volcano. There are two wandering Merchants here—Talk to the person in red to get a Lettuce Seed. They will cost 200 Gold each.

Make sure to bring heat-resistant clothing if you’re going to the volcano because otherwise your health will quickly decline, and bring plenty of ammunition to fend off enemies or Wild Friends. If you’re not up for that kind of adventure, there are other ways to get Lettuce Seeds—available much earlier in the game.

Screenshot of the map in Palworld showing the Cinnamoth Forest Fast Travel spot.Go here to farm. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Four Pal types can drop Lettuce Seeds when captured or defeated: Bristla, Cinnamoth, Broncherry Aqua and Wumpo Botan. While the latter two are harder to find, Bristla and Cinnamoth can be found in abundance if you Go to Cinnamoth Forest on the central island.

Both Bristla and Cinnamoth spawn frequently during the day in this area and can be easily defeated with a Fire Element Pal. While I found the drop rate of Lettuce Seeds to be low, with only three seeds out of about 20 Pals being defeated, I also got a lot of other items like Wheat Seeds.

You only need three Lettuce Seeds to build a Lettuce Plantation Palworld, which can then yield steady crop yields for you and your friends to enjoy.