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How to get JAK Tyrant 762 Kit in MW3 and Warzone

Months after its release, Modern warfare 3 And Battlefield There is a huge selection of Conversion Kits and Aftermarket Parts available, such as JAK Tyrant 762 Kit.

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Part two of CoD:MW3 even adding more Aftermarket Parts and some of them are Conversion Kits that improve already powerful weapons, such as a new set of the week for the popular Longbow sniper rifle and strong.

Here’s everything there is to know about how to get JAK Tyrant 762 Toolkit in MW3.

What is JAK Tyrant 762 converter MW3?

The JAK Tyrant 762 kit is an internal aftermarket part MW3. It is a Adapter for Longbow sniper rifle Adjusted its ammo type to make it more powerful.

“This caliber conversion kit swaps the receiver and magazine to accommodate 7.62 BLK ammunition into one round. hit hardersubsonic weapons,” Activision said of AMP, added MW3 And Battlefield in season two.

How to unlock JAK Tyrant 762 Kit in MW3 And Battlefield

Two-week-a-season challenge in MW3Complete the challenges. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The JAK Tyrant 762 is unlocked as part of the weekly challenge in of MW3 season two, week one.

To unlock the Aftermarket, the player must Complete any five challenges from week one of part two, on multiplayer, Zombies or Warzone. Once completed, the JAK Tyrant 762 Kit can be used on the Longbow sniper rifle.

Below are all the challenges that can be completed to unlock JAK Tyrant 762.

MW3 Multiplayer

  • Kill 30 operators with the recommended marksman rifle
  • Get 15 operator kills with a quick scope with recommended snipers
  • Get five operator triple kills with the recommended assault rifle
  • Get three kills on the operator with the recommended sniper rifle
  • Get 20 one-shot, one-kill operators with the recommended shotgun
  • Get seven dual operator kills with the recommended battle rifle
  • Get five caster ranged kills with 8x or more magnified scopes equipped to recommended weapons

MW3 Zombies

  • Getting 200 kills with a marksman rifle is recommended when activating Cryofreeze
  • Achieve 5 quick kills 15 times with the recommended battle rifle
  • Get 10 kills without getting hit 20 times with the recommended assault rifle
  • Get 25 critical mercenary kills with recommended weapons
  • Getting 250 kills with a shotgun shot is recommended
  • Get 100 kills with a sniper rifle recommended for use at a wide range
  • Get 5 Mangler kills with the recommended weapon


  • IN Battlefield Urzikstan, killed 10 operators in the northwest region (Resorts, Electricity, Seaports, Cargo)
  • IN Battlefield Urzikstan, kill 10 operators in the eastern area (Military Base or Farm)
  • IN Battlefield Urzikstan, killed 10 operators in the southern region (City, Suburb, Manor)
  • IN Battlefield Urzikstan, killed 10 operators in the central area (Old Town, Low Town)
  • IN Battlefieldfive times in the top 10
  • IN Battlefield, Completed 15 contracts
  • IN Battlefield, Open 50 loot stores