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How to get glue in Skull and Bones

You will soon be prompted to monitor and harvest Glue for the new ship in Skull and bones. We will escort you to the treasure you are trying to harvest or find those elusive materials.

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Skull and bones’ The first hour pushes you in the right direction like a compass, but you may still find yourself lost. None of this is truer than when it’s time to harvest Acacia so you can build a better boat and solidify your status as a true pirate legend in training.

The goal is simple and the actual act itself is easy enough, but the path to get there is confusing and may leave you wondering if you’re wearing your eye patch the wrong way.

How to harvest acacia in Skull and bones

Harvest acacia in skulls and bonesYou will need some glue. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Craft a sawfind one Acacia sourcethen approach that area until you get an input command asking you to “Harvesting acacia” to harvest Acadia and enter Skull and bones.

If you’re having trouble or one of these steps isn’t clear, here’s a set of clear and outlined instructions for you to get your Acacia tree back:

  • Complete the opening tutorial until you reach Sainte-Anne.
  • Start your next main story mission and talk to the characters until you are asked to meet “The Carpenter”.
  • You can now craft new tools—including the Saw.
  • Maybe you will need it One time metal salvage And two torn sails to build it.
  • Do this and you will need to complete an objective, “Obtained: Glue 0/8.”
  • Open your map and look slightly north of your location until you see a tree icon with wood above it.
  • If you highlight this, it will be called “Acacia,” so point it out.
  • Now you will want to depart on your boat and head towards the newly made waypoint.
  • Bring the boat right to the shore and look in the center of the screen to find the “Harvest” action.
  • Now you will have to do the green and yellow bar mini game.
  • Continue landing in the green zone to reap the best results.
  • The most confusing aspect of acquiring Acacia is believing that you need to go to land and cut it down. But Skull and bones making it easy to do this from the comfort of your boat.

    Where to find acacia trees Skull and bones

    glue location in the skull and bonesYou can not miss it. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    The best way to put Acacia on Skull and bones is to find permanent glue locations on the map—as shown in the image above.

    Doubling down on the tips above, double check your map as there are several Acacia points close to your starting location in Sainte-Anne. Chances are, as you progress, it may become more available through merchants or as rewards—so keep your eyes peeled for additional methods.

    If you have more questions about Skull and bones and its fascinating pirate world, we also know whether the overall experience is single-player and how many players you can have on each ship.