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How to get Glass in Enshrouded

Glass is a very useful material to use in manufacturing Cover. It will help you get stronger tools to survive and defeat stronger enemies.

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It will take you some time to get the quantity you need, but since Glass is used in so many different recipes, you’ll definitely want to find yourself an efficient farming path to get it. Large quantities with less time and effort. However, glass cannot be simply found in nature. Instead, you have to collect materials and craft it, and it requires a lot of materials. Here’s how to do that process in Cover.

How to make Clear Glass Cover

Glass menu item.It’s not easy to make. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Glass is obtained by combining 30 Sand and 5 Coal in the smelter. It will take five minutes to craft. Sand is obtained in the Kindlewastes region, so you won’t be able to craft Glass before accessing the high-level area. Charcoal is crafted using Stone, Wood, and Dirt.

You’ll also need a lot of it as Charcoal is used in many end-game Glass recipes, as well as Black Powder and Charcoal. You should make sure you have a significant amount of these stored in your inventory.

All recipes have Clear Glass Cover

Glass is used in the recipes you will discover as you near the end of the game, similar to Obsidian and other valuable resources. This ingredient can be quite handy as it is found in so many recipes. Below is a list of recipes that include it.

ItemRecipePermanent acid bite 20x glasses
10x coal
Sulfur 30x
Ammonia gland 20x
Single bag 20xScientific instruments 10x glasses
Copper bar 10x
5 iron bars
20x coalAthanor10x glasses
Copper bar 10x
5x clay lumpsLaboratory1x Scientific instrument
1x Anthanor
Fired bricks 40x
Copper bar 10x
3x glassesPalm wood banquet tablePalm wood 14x
20 times lapis lazuli
4x nails
4x plastic
10x glassesHanging light2 iron bars
3x coal
2x glasses
Growth is 4 times brighter
4x Goolantern4 iron bars
4x coal
2x glasses
Sandstone 2x
Growth is 2 times brighterWall lantern 1x iron bar
2x charcoal
2x glasses
2x Goo
Growth is 2 times brighterIron window frame2 iron bars
2x charcoal
2x glassesCrystal disc2x glasses
1x charcoalCrystal cup2x glasses
1x charcoaldecanter2x glasses
1x charcoalCrystal bowl2x glasses
1x charcoal