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How to get Fired Bricks in Enshrouded

Cover will require you to run (or skim) back and forth to find the material, and you may end up revisiting some older areas. Burning coal might be one of those examples: You’ll need it to build some high-level facilities, but you can easily find its materials in lower-level areas.

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You can’t loot Fired Bricks alone, at least not on a large scale. This means you’ll have to search for two of its ingredients, and you can only do that after rescuing the Carpenter. This is where you can find raw materials to make fired bricks IN Cover.

Formula, ingredients and requirements of Internally Fired Bricks Cover

You can craft Burnt Bricks at the Kiln, which requires you to unlock the Kiln and Carpenter. The Carpenter is located in the Low Meadows area, east of the Cinder Vault, although it is located inside Shroud and Fell, which is about level seven (including the ranged wizard type that hits quite hard in the early game). . The kiln requires 50 stones, 10 lumps of clay, 10 pieces of metal, and two twigs, respectively.

  • A lump of clay
  • A piece of wood
  • Access to the furnace

Clay is quite easy to find in Revelwood. One of our favorites is just north of Ancient Vault—Farmer and west of nearby Shroud Root, as you can also get some Flax while you’re there. And if you plan to cut down trees for wood, the fall trees in Revelwood can also drop Resin, making it a productive farming area.

A map showing the Ancient Vault—Fermer with two markers to the north.The northernmost marker contains Clay, but the remaining markers are for Strawberries and Flax. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Burnt bricks only take 30 seconds to create at the Kiln, which isn’t too time-consuming (we’re still reeling from the 10 minutes it takes to create a Fossilized Bone Meal). However, the downside is that you will need dozens of Burnt Bricks depending on what you plan to build. For example, the Alchemy Furnace requires 50 fire bricks, while you will need 20 more if you want an Alchemy Station.

We recommend leaving the Brick building game on while you’re on your adventure, but make sure you don’t overdo it so you don’t waste logs that could be used elsewhere.