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How to get Fangs in Granblue Fantasy Relink

You will fill your inventory with lots of goodies throughout your journey Granblue Fantasy: Relinking, but the best entries require you to look for them. If you’re after legendary items like the Cutthroat Fang, you’ll need to complete its requirements first.

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In spite of Granblue Fantasy: Relinking There’s no New Game Plus mode, there’s plenty of post-game content to explore and additional items to collect, and Cutthroat Fang is one of them.

Where can you get cut throat fangs Granblue fantasy link back?

Saga Illustrated: Veil quest description in Granblue Fantasy Relink.Maglielle will be a familiar enemy at this point. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To get an exorbitant fang Link back to Granblue Fantasyyou have to Complete the side quest Saga Illustrated: Veil. This side quest is locked until you complete the main campaign.

The Saga Illustrated: Veil side quest unlocks after completing the following steps:

  • Complete Link back to Granblue Fantasy campaign.
  • Complete the post-game missions, defeat Bahamut Versa Omega, and complete the Skyfarer Veteran Promotion Mission.
  • Continue the Saga: Silver Quest and reach the Zegagrande Legend level.

Once you complete all three steps above, the Saga Illustrated: Veil side quest will unlock, but you will not be guaranteed to drop the Cutthroat Fang. While you can always get lucky and get the item after completing the side quest the first time, you’ll generally need to do it multiple times before getting the Cutthroat Fang.

In the Saga Illustrated: Veil side quest, you’ll face Maglielle, and completing additional quests allows you to unlock even more rewards. After the battle, you can unlock chests in the middle of the room and Cutthroat Fang has a chance to appear in one of them. In addition to Fang, these chests also have a lot of materials so your efforts will not be in vain.