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How to get Copper Bars in Enshrouded

You will need to meet some requirements as you progress through Cover to find the copper bars. Luckily, once you have everything you need, they can be created at your facility any time you need them for a fabrication project.

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Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Bronze Bar Cover.

How to make copper bars in Enshrouded

How to make copper bars in EnshroudedIt’s time to use your Smelter. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To make bronze bars, You will need a Smelter, 20 Charcoal, and 20 Copper Ore. That will take some time but let’s start with the Smelter.

How to make an internal smelting furnace Cover

There are some requirements you must meet to craft a Smelter. The ingredients will be 50 fired bricks And a crucible. You can create Burnt Bricks by placing the Kiln down and then placing logs along with clay lumps. However, Crucible is much harder to track down and will take a lot of effort to add to your collection.

Crucible appears in Sameth’s sign point of interest, to west of Ancient Spire – Revelwood fast travel point. Once you reach this location, head through the area and you’ll find the Crucible. You can bring it back to the Blacksmith to use in creating your home Smelter. Cover base.

Where to find the Crucible in EnshroudedHow to find the Crucible. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to get copper ore Cover

To get Copper Ore, you will need a pickaxe. It might sound familiar if you’re a survival and crafting game enthusiast! However, the best spots to find Copper Ore are north of the Farmer’s Shelter and east of the Old Spire – Low Meadows. I even found Copper Ore mines around the Mark of Sameth and Flame Sanctum locations, where you can also find Amber.

Tip: Copper ore deposits will respawn

Don’t worry about running out of Copper Ore. Just like the other resources in Cover, your depleted deposits will appear again after a certain period of time. We don’t know the exact time period, but checking back on the deposits after a day or two in-game should see them back in place and ready to be harvested.

How to create clear copper bars Cover

Once you put down the Furnace, it’s time to start working on your Copper Rods. As mentioned above, you will need at least 20 coals And 20 copper ore piece to create 10 copper bars. This will take five minutes to complete and you can then take these back to your Blacksmith at your address. Cover a basis from which to begin completing other manufacturing projects. Good luck!