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How to get Bronze Bar in Enshrouded

Copper is one of the most valuable resources you can get Cover. It’s not an item you mine directly but something you create using other mined resources.

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However, Copper Ingots are very difficult to craft. They require a lot of resources and are not the easiest to obtain.

However, here’s how to get Clear Bronze Cover.

How to make Clear Copper Ingots Cover

Men mine stone and flintMining is key in Enshrouded. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To craft Bronze Rod, you must First build a smelter in your base and add a Blacksmith to do the job. When you do, you’ll find the formula for this in the Available Results list. Here are all the items you need to get a Bronze Bar:

  • Seven bronze bars
  • Three tin bars
  • 10 coals

You will encounter Copper recipes at level 20 in Cover. It is necessary to create stronger equipment for the Blacksmith, like the Bronze Pickaxe, which will greatly improve your weak Bronze Pickaxe.

You will have to mine some resources and transmute them to get the materials needed for the Bronze Bars, so this is a challenging recipe. You need Wood and Dirt to make Charcoal, Copper and Tin Ore for bars, Wood Acid and even more Charcoal.


Tin is the key to obtaining copper bars. So you must have at least a hoe and a place to farm. Target easily accessible deposits and upgrade your pickaxe as you go.

All Blacksmith recipes have Bronze Bars in them Cover

In general, Bronze Bars are used to improve your equipment compared to Bronze-based recipes. Here is a list of recipes your Blacksmith can craft using Bronze Bars:

Section NameRecipeAxe4 bronze bar
3 linen
Wooden Shroud, Copper Pickaxe, 8 Copper Bars
Wooden Shroud Light shield1 Bronze rod
8 coals
5 iron bars
2 Supernatural Skin Curtains 2 Copper Rods
6 Fossil bone dust
2 Club5 copper bars resemble charcoal
4 pieces of wood
5 Coal Mercenary Helmet2 Bronze Bar
2 Mercenary Chests 4 Bronze Bars
5 linen
3 Leather
3 coals
6 pairs of amber mercenary pants 3 bronze bars
4 linen
2 skins
2 Coal Mercenary Gloves 2 Bronze Bars
2 linen
Animal skin
Charcoal Mercenary boots3 bronze bars
6 linen
2 skins
2 helmets than 3 copper bars
3 amber
2 Chestplates made of charcoal and 6 bronze bars
5 linen
4 skins
3 amber
3 Coal protective gloves3 Copper rod
2 linen
2 skins
2 amber
2 Charcoal protective pants4 Copper rod
4 linen
3 Leather
2 protective boots made of coal and 3 copper bars
6 linen
2 skins
2 charcoal
4 AmberBronze Barrel4 copper bars
4 Charcoal discs 1 Copper bar
1 cup of copper charcoal 1 copper bar
1 Copper charcoal jar 1 Copper rod
1 Coal copper bowl 1 Copper bar
1 charcoal

So there you have it. You know everything you need about getting Thanh Dong in Cover. Good luck!