Blog - February 2, 2024

How to get Blue Essence in LoL and why you want more

Green essence is one of the two main currencies used in League of Legendsand although it is a form of currency, you don’t need to spend any actual money to get it. Best of all, it can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your gaming experience and help you League life is much easier.

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How to get Clear Green Essence League

Only unenchant your champion pieces if you own a Champion. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Riot Games

There are five easy ways you can receive Clear Green Essence League, and they include:

  • Rank upSpecifically, leveling up to 30 will give you the most Green Essence.
  • Complete mission inside League customers, as your daily duties.
  • Champion fragments.
  • Open capsule And chestor what you get from watching Laugh Esports or by leveling up. These can contain Blue Essence or items you can decompose to get Blue Essence.
  • Join events to earn Green Essence.
  • The best things to use your Blue Essence for League

    The newest champion will have the highest Blue Essence price. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Riot Games

    Once you start earning Blue Essence, you can use it to:

    • Buy champions.
    • Upgrade your hero pieces Unlock new permanent champions.
    • Upgrade general masteryspecifically levels six and seven.
    • buy one Additional rune pages (You can only use Green Essence to buy single gem pages, not a whole package).
    • Buy items from Essence store.
    • Buy Clash tickets.
    • Buy Chrome browser when they are sold.
    • buy Pack pride during Pride Month.

    Can you get more Blue Essence faster?

    Even if you think you have enough Blue Essence to buy all the champions and items in the Blue Essence Emporium whenever it appears, you may need more. Thankfully, you can Earn Blue Essence quickly via:

    • Playing League. As you level up, you’ll earn capsules containing shards that you can decompose to get Green Essence. So the more you plan, the more you earn and the more Green Essence you get.
    • Log into Laugh Electronic Sports and watch streams to earn capsules. They have emotes and symbols and sometimes you’ll get Champion Fragments that you can decompose.
    • Join events. You’ll earn Blue Essence when you level up the Pass Track, even if you don’t purchase the premium event pass. You will also earn tokens that you can use to purchase Blue Essence or League Champion Fragments that you can decompose to gain even more Green Essence. You’ll earn more tokens if you purchase the Premium Pass, meaning you can earn even more Blue Essence.

    While getting your hands on Green Essence can be a pain, it’s one of the best ways to buy things like Champions, more rune pages, and even Chromas during sales.