Blog - February 5, 2024

How to get Athanor in Enshrouded

NPCs in Cover comes with corresponding quest lines that allow players to unlock more resources. While completing Crafter quests, you will eventually build a Laboratory, which requires acquiring Athanor.

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My transparency Cover in the game, I enjoyed the way the developers handled crafting and unlocking new recipes. Meeting new characters means new adventures. From finding Black Powder to making Goo, my journeys have taken me to many different places on the map. When I first looked at it Requires crafting Athanorit seems simple, it’s just that Glass is one of the more difficult materials to collect.

How to make Athanor in Cover

An enclosed figure is climbing out of its shell.There is an endless cycle of recipes to unlock recipes. Image via Keen Games

You can craft Athanor at the Alchemy Station. To craft Athanor, you need 10 cups, 10 copper ingotsAnd Five lumps of clay.

Our guide on how to get Copper Ingots and Clay Lumps will help you understand 2/3 of the Athanor recipe. The final puzzle piece, Glass, requires you to get Coal and Sand. If you have Coal and Sand in inventory, go to the Furnace to craft Glass. Once you’ve resolved the Glass situation, you can take them to the Alchemy Station along with the Copper Bars and Clay to craft Athanor.

You can find even rarer crafting materials in Cover. For example, Obsidian ore is quite difficult and also takes quite a while to mine a significant amount of. When you reach the final stage, you will need this material to create the best weapon in the game Cover.

Cover has been released into Early Access, and upcoming updates following the internal roadmap may add even more content to the game. These can appear in the form of new recipes, ingredients and enemies, so completing and familiarizing yourself with existing content will allow you to start new patches one step ahead.