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How to get and use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company

The Zap gun is a weapon item that can be purchased in Deadly company. It costs 400 credits and can stun enemies.

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This effect doesn’t last long, but it may give you enough time to rush to the nearby exit and escape. Here’s what you need to know about how to get and use the Zap Gun in Deadly company.

Deadly company Zap Gun: Key information and statistics

The Zap gun is a clear item Deadly company Can be useful in dangerous situations. It is recommended to carry a Zap Gun Shovel so you or your friend can hit it with the shovel when the enemy is stunned.


Lethal Company is currently in Early Access and the content of this article may change as Lethal Company continues to finalize updates and fully launch.

Value400 CreditsWeight11 poundsFunctionThe Zap gun will stun enemies when the beam is directed at said enemy

When to use the Zap Gun

Zap guns are effective against these creatures and objects:

  • clown: Prevent Jester from winding up. The effect will end when the stun gun’s shot ends.
  • turret: Stops functions momentarily. The effect will end when the stun gun’s shot ends.
  • Forest keeper: Drops a captured ally.

Zap guns are ineffective against these creatures:

  • Manticoil
  • Roaming locusts
  • Bees
  • Earth Leviathan
  • Ghost girl


Zap Gun can also be used against your friends and slows their movements while preventing them from using items, so be careful!

How to use Zap Gun in Deadly company

Use the Zap Gun in Lethal CompanySweep enemies with the Zap Gun. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Friend Must scan the area to find the target to use Zap Gun. After scanning, Zap Gun will fire an electric beam, attaching to the target. You can do this by holding tight left mouse buttonand then a beam will fire from the Zap Gun if it detects any enemies within Deadly company.


The Zap gun lasts for 60 seconds if used all at once and does not kill anything but stuns instead.

Monsters attacked by the Zap Gun will be stunned. You must maintain the beam to ensure it remains above the enemy. To use it, press the button left mouse button to start scanning for targets. The Zap Gun will discharge electricity at them when it finds a target. To extend the beam at the enemy, Look left and right to keep the beam active. You will need to wiggle the beam to make sure you keep the connection, otherwise it will break and you will have a hard time dealing with a hostile enemy.

The Zap Gun is a great way to stop enemies from jumping at you but requires teamwork. For example, a great way to defeat a killable enemy is to stun it with a Zap Gun and then have an ally hit it with a weapon, such as a shovel or stop sign. It can take many hits, but if you let the Zap Gun aim at an enemy, it won’t be able to move.


Using this technique on the Bunker Spider will block its path and have a friend hit it 5 times with the shovel while shooting with the shotgun, it will finish the spider off for good.

Where to buy Zap Gun Deadly company

Where to buy Zap Gun in Lethal CompanyGet the Zap Gun from the shop. Screenshot of Dot Esports

When you want to buy a Zap Gun, like many items in Deadly companyfind your way Pier. You can interact with the terminal, enter “shop,” and you will see it as an available item. This item is often valuable 400 creditsbut you might get lucky and find it for revenue, and it won’t cost much. This can happen randomly for many of the items listed above Deadly company store, but the sale will only last for part of the match. Use your money wisely and take what you need to make a profit for the company.

So there you have it. You know everything you need to know about Zap Gun in Deadly company. Enjoy!