Blog - February 6, 2024

How to get and use Brilliant Rainbow Crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom

Bright rainbow crystals were introduced in Cookie Run Kingdom’s third anniversary update, and fans are curious about what these crystals are used for. The game already has Rainbow Crystals as a usable resource. Bu like Briliant is a bit different.

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If you’re wondering how to get and use those dazzling Rainbow Crystals in Cookie Run Kingdomthen this guide is for you.

What is brilliant rainbow crystal CRK?

Everyone knows about the Clear Standard Rainbow Crystal CRK. They look like stars, have prismatic tones, and are used for a specific feature in Cookie Run Kingdom. On the other hand, Brilliant Rainbow Crystals are yellow stars with a different description.

It is currently not entirely clear what the role of the Brilliant Rainbow Crystal is CRK resources will be. They will probably be explained thoroughly in a later update. The most brilliant use of the Rainbow Crystal would be the Legendary skin. In other words, this resource will do the same job as Rainbow Stars.

How do you get Clear Rainbow Crystals Cookie Run Kingdom

Until now, the only way to get clear Rainbow Crystals Cookie Run Kingdom is because proceed through White Lily Pass. This is a battle themed around White Lily Cookie, an Ancient Cookie who appeared in the 3rd anniversary update on January 19 as a main Cookie gacha draw alongside Silverbell.

White Lily Pass in Cookie Run Kingdom.White Lily Pass is here. Screenshot via Dot Esports

You can There is a free or paid version of the White Lily Pass to unlock the dazzling Rainbow Crystals in the game. However, there will be more rewards for those who get the paid Battle Pass.

How to use Clear Brilliant Rainbow Crystal Cookie Run Kingdom

Developer Devsisters has not yet revealed the purpose of Brilliant Rainbow Crystals. But as seen on the current description of the resource in Cookie Run KingdomBrilliant rainbow crystals are “special crystals” that contain “mystical wishes”.

Rainbow crystals and costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom.Outfit your Cookie. Screenshot via Dot Esports

As the name suggests, these can be related to getting outfits in the game as the basic Rainbow Crystals are used to buy outfits for your Biscuits. Combining those two ideas, we can safely assume that the Brilliant Rainbow Crystal was most likely used to draw outfits from gacha. But nothing is certain about these, and the Devsisters are the only ones so far who know what they are used for.