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How to get and raise Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink

When you perform the tasks in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking, you will get a lot of useful items to improve your team and weapons. Silver Centrum is one of those items you’ll want to grab on the go, and unlike certain quality materials, it’s easy to farm.

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Okay, can easily farm Granblue Fantasy: Relinking sounds simple—better terminology is easy to find. You won’t have to look too far at the end-game quest list to see options that will let you grind for lots of Silver Centrum.

How to farm Silver Centrum from quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

Silver Centrum quest in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.Part of the list is crazy. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Silver Centrum is available at Many Proud and Maniac level Boss missions. It is still a drop, meaning it is not guaranteed to be received when you complete one of the aforementioned quests.

To get Silver Centrum to unlock your weapon level or Awakening, you have many Granblue Fantasy: Relinking missions to choose from and you don’t even have to push yourself to the limit if you want things to be easy. I recommend finding your favorite quest and running it as many times as you want until you get the Silver Centrum you want.

Below is the full list of available quests that provide items:

Pride missionCrazy missionTo have a freer FolcaSaga Grande: Happily Ever AfterIce Party and CorpsesId Bears RepetitionThe Melting Pot of HostilityIllustrated Saga: The VeilTrade BarriersContinued Saga: SilverThe Worst Holiday EverIllustrated Saga : HellfireFrozen TrialSaga illustrated: CrystalStormy TrialSaga continued: WindGrounded TrialSaga continued: Earth

Where to buy Dreaded Tail? Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

Like other rare items like Vitality Hoof and Dreaded Tail, you can get Silver Centrum by visiting Siero’s Knickknack Shop. Specifically, you can find Silver Centrum offered in Siero’s Treasure Exchange, where you can exchange the items you’ve collected for other valuable items that can be used to upgrade your gear. your equipment and weapons.

This is a good way to ensure you get the Silver Centrum without too much trouble as you’ll have plenty of goodies to redeem from other quests.