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How to get and raise Dreaded Tail in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Getting some of the items needed for the late-game Weapon Awakening can be a chore even Granblue Fantasy: Relinking focuses on improving the grinding process to make it a more enjoyable experience. Just like some other materials, it will take a bit of effort to cultivate Scary tail.

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Dreaded Tail is an item you may stumble upon in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking if you are running late game missions. Unfortunately for players, however, it’s an important item that can only be found when you literally drag your party through the flames and flames of a volcano.

How to farm Dreaded Tail from quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

If you are looking get a scary tail to use to unlock your weapon level or Awaken your Ascension weapon in Granblue Fantasy: RelinkingYou will be stuck for a while doing a particular task.

Saga Illustrated mission overview: Hellfire.This mission will test your heat tolerance. Screenshot of Dot Esports

As a drop, Dreaded Tail can only be found in “Saga Illustrated: Hellfire” Maniac level quest, where you are tasked with defeating Vulkan Bolla in the center of a volcano. The recommended PWR for this particular scenario is 9,000—so make sure your team is ready to kill before jumping into the fire. And if things are too difficult at first, you can try to earn Mastery Points to upgrade some characters before trying again.

Since this is a quest drop, there is no guarantee you will receive the Dreaded Tail upon completing the quest. I managed to get mine by completing an S+ ranked quest, although the drops are still random, so you may need to try multiple times as the actual drop rate can be very low when try to farm items like Silver Wolf Clovis.

Where to buy Dreaded Tail? Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

When you complete the Saga Illustrated: Hellfire quest for the first time, you can purchase Dreaded Tail from Siero’s jewelry store—like most other items you can get from such quests, such as the Vitality Hoof.

You can find Dreaded Tail in Gold Dalia Badge Tab of the Seiro shop, meaning you need to exchange five Golden Dalia Badges to get a single Dreaded Tail. This is fine if you only need one badge for the recipe you’re trying to complete, but it’s not sustainable if you need multiple badges because you earn Golden Dalia Badges from online Quick Quests—although they are rare . So the exchange may not be worth it.