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How to get an acid bite in Enshrouded

If you are bored of using the usual Fireball and Ice Spell Cover, try the Acid Bite spell. It’s one of the most powerful spells in the game, and you can craft a spell pool yourself relatively easily.

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Before the Acid Bite Cover

Acid Bite spell crafting screen in EnshroudedAcid bite spell in Enshrouded. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Before you try to cast this spell in CoverYou need to unlock the following:

  • Fourth level altar
  • Alchemy station
  • A character around level 15

You can get most of the crafting reagents with just the third level Altar, but you will need to go through the Pillars of Creation to get one ingredient. To get the same ingredient, you need to fight a level 15 enemy, so make sure you are the same level or higher. You also need to unlock the Alchemy Station to craft spells.

Cover: How to get acid bite

You can craft the Acid Bite Spell at the Alchemist. Here are the ingredients you need:

  • Two bags of poison
  • Two ammonia glands
  • Five Goo
  • 20 Dirt

You can do it Poisonous bag from Poisonous flower enemies And walking mushrooms you meet in the northern area of ​​the map (before you pass the Pillars of Creation). One of the best places to get these is the north Ancient Warehouse – Farmer. Just look for places with many trees, you will probably be attacked by a few trees.

goo also easy to get. Visit one covered area and find a beehive with little blue bugs. Kill them and collect them Biological parts. You can then turn Critter Parts into Insect dustwhich you can turn into Goo by mixing it with Dust And Covering liquid.

You can do it Dust by using one Pickaxe On the ground.

Map location of the Ammonia Line in EnshroudedFrom the Pillars of Creation to where I found the Ammonia Line. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The only thing that’s hard to get is Ammonia gland. To get them, go Break through the Pillars of Creation and find a large covered area. There’s one just west after you exit the Pillars of Creation. Go there and look Walking mushroom enemiesBut be sure they have red light instead of the usual blue. They can be quite difficult to find. I found a bunch around the edges of the covered areas. Be careful though, unlike regular walking mushrooms, they are very aggressive. Kill them and collect their Ammonia Glands.

Once you have enough ingredients, take them to your Alchemist and create the Acid Bite charm. Thats all there is to it. The Acid Bite spell has a short range but slowly depletes the enemy’s health. Have fun.