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How to get a legendary/mythical Grimoire in the Grimoires era

IN The era of grimoires ABOVE roblox, You can go on an adventure as if you were reliving the anime Black clover. You can get items, participate in different quests, and create an avatar that suits your personality.

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If you want to get the legendary and mythical grimoire, you need to follow these steps.

What is the legendary grimoire in it Grimoire era?

A character next to a pink and yellow symbol at night.On the way, get the grimoire. Image via Roblox

IN Grimoire Era, You can find a legendary grimoire or a mythical grimoire. These grimoires are obtained through a gacha mechanic, where You will need to spin to win. You should At least level 30.

Obtaining a legendary and mythical grimoire is difficult, so don’t be disappointed if you come across something common. Grimoires are items you can used in battle ARRIVE Deals a lot of damage to enemies. The higher your combat level, the higher your grimoire. Remember to trade your grimoires as you advance to maximize your damage output.

Once you start collecting legendary or mythical grimoires, you will be able to unleash a lot of power.

Where are the Grimoire Merchants in the Age of Grimoires?

IN Grimoire Era, You can find a legendary grimoire by Talk to the Grimoire Seller in Grimoire Tower. To get your first grimoire, Talk to the NPC dealer to the left of the spawn point.

Follow the path until you find an NPC named “Quest Giver 1”. You can accept the quest or skip it if you want to miss out on the experience. Walk past this NPC and find the Grimoire Seller.

From there, you will need to:

  • Locate a sign on the right just in front of the NPC “Quest Giver 1”
  • Turn left on the way
  • Go down the path towards the right
  • Cross the bridge
  • Get past the nearby NPC
  • Cross the second bridge
  • Locate the Grimoire Tower surrounded by green mist
  • Head inside to find Dealer Grimoire

When you interact with the Grimoire Merchant, you will be able to spin to find the grimoire. Have 0.9 percent chance you can spin to find the legendary grimoire And 0.1% chance of spinning to find a mythical grimoire. Don’t get discouraged while you’re shooting. Some people have scored legendary grimoires by just spinning a few times, but because of its rarity, you’ll have to keep trying to get your first mythical or legendary grimoire. me.