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How to free Pals in Palworld

It’s easy to lose track of all the Pals you collect Palworldand you can quickly be overrun by the creatures—but your only options for getting rid of them are brutal.

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Palworld rewards you with bonus experience for capturing 10 of the same type, but you will probably never need that many of the same type and your Inbox will quickly fill up. When you reach this point, you’re probably wondering what you can do to reduce the herd. Unlike Pokémon, there is no option to release Pals you no longer use. Your only options for getting them out of your service are surprisingly harsh.

How to free Pals in Palworld

There are a few ways you can technically free Pals in Palworld. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages that you will have to consider before deciding which technique is best for you.

Sell ​​them

Screenshot of Pals sales menu in Palworld.Turn Pals into profit. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can sell Friends you don’t need to Traders or Black Marketers. In addition to making Friends available for purchase, including some rarer options, you can sell any Friends you no longer use.

This is a great way to accumulate a decent amount of Gold Coins, which you can then use to buy other Friends or crafting materials, giving you a nice boost. As you can see above, I have over 30,000 Gold, most of which I earned by selling basic Pals like Lamball, Cattiva, and Chikipi.

Stronger Friends are sold for a higher price, but honestly, there’s no reason to catch and sell them when you can gather easy-to-catch Friends from the starting areas and get the price reasonable for them.

Butcher them

Screenshot of the crafting menu in Palworld with the Butcher Knife highlighted.Chop suey. Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you’re feeling particularly cruel, another way to remove Pals from your service is to kill them—and there’s a specific item you can use for this task that has no other effect in the game. play.

You can build one Meat cleaver from Bars, Wood and Stone, when equipped, will replace the Pet command in the Command Wheel with Butcher. If you choose to do this, a pixelated but gruesome animation will occur as your character slaughters the poor, helpless creature.

There’s really no particular need for you to butcher your Friends as it doesn’t provide any additional drops. When I first used this action on Lamball, I thought I would get a lot of Len and Lamball Mutton as a result, but I got the same amount as when catching Lamball from the wild.

While Slaughter is a quick and easy way to free your Friends, you risk being judged for it…

Drop them

Drop a friend to the ground to release them

The final way to free your Friends in Palworld is to simply drop them on the ground by going to your Party tab and pressing R on the Friend you want. This will drop your Pal to the ground as a sphere and display their stats and skills. These dropped friends will eventually disappear after enough time.

While releasing Friends is a pretty easy and effective way to free your Friends in Palworld, selling your Friends to Pal Sellers or Black Market Traders is probably the best option since you will get Gold for them instead of getting nothing!

Now that you know how to free your Friends in Palworld, it’s time to get out there and search for Pal Sellers!