Blog - February 2, 2024

How to fix Pals getting stuck in combat in Palworld

Palworld is in early access, which means you can expect at least a few bugs if you jump into this game now. One such problem is Friends stuck in combat bugThis can be extremely annoying to deal with.

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The good news is that this error, like most errors, has some temporary workarounds so you can get back to enjoying things Palworld must provide. This is how you can fix Pals stuck in combat in Palworld.

The reason why Pals got stuck in the internal combat error Palworld?

The Friends stuck in combat bug generally Caused when a raid is in progress and you log out of the game in that time. Logging out while a Raid is in progress can cause all of your Friends to be stuck in Raid mode even though the Raid is now gone due to this bug.

Since this is an issue that many players are experiencing, you should avoid exiting the game while a Raid is in progress to ensure that you never encounter this error.

Palworld Friends stuck in combat fix

ARRIVE Fixed Pals getting stuck in internal combat PalworldThe most effective option is Use the Alarm Bell object to change your Friend’s focus from combat to work. You have to Unlock and build Alarm Bells To fix this problem, this can be done after you reach level four of the Tech Tree.

Alarm build option in the Defense category.It’s not too difficult to make. Screenshot of Dot Esports

After you purchase the Alarm Bell for a Tech Point, you can find it in Defense category and can be done with:

  • Five pieces of Paladium
  • 20 stones

Once you have created the Alarm Bell, approach it and interact with it ARRIVE exchange your Friend’s focus between the two options.

  • “Present: Attack the invader.”
  • “Now: Focus on work.”

When you’re dealing with combat-bugged Pals, you’ll want to Tell them to focus on their work instead using Alarm Bell.

Players look at the Alarm to change their Friends' focus.You can shift their focus at any time. Screenshot of Dot Esports

There are also two other ways to fix the problem of Pal getting stuck in combat, but both are much more complicated. The first is to delete your Palbox, this will take out a lot of your base and put it down again. This method is strongly discouraged as all non-survivable items outside of your base will break as soon as you do so.

Another fix is waiting for another raid to get to your base. You have no control over when this might happen, so you might have to wait days, at which point your Friend might be incapacitated. Even this state doesn’t fix them, so waiting for a Raid is not a good way to fix the error.

So far, there is no other workaround that can fix this problem. As I experimented with it, I tried other options that I thought might work like reloading and moving all the Palboxes back to the Palbox before placing them in my base again, but only those options mentioned earlier can actually fix the error. After fixing this issue, you can get all your Best Friends for each job to get resources and complete jobs for you again.