Blog - February 7, 2024

How to fix “not enough available system memory” error in Enshrouded

Cover just got patch, which makes some important stability and performance improvements—but also has a new bug on the block. Here’s how to fix the “Not enough system memory” error Cover.

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What wrapped What does ‘Insufficient system memory’ error mean?

The memory error screen is obscuredDon’t worry, there’s a fix. Image via Reddit

As the name suggests, this error means Cover Not enough RAM (random access memory) detected on your system. Cover requires at least 16 GB of RAM to run properly. Either you don’t have enough RAM or the game thinks you don’t have enough even if you do. Luckily, like everyone else Cover launch errors and multiplayer errors, with quick solutions.

How to fix ‘Not enough system memory’ error in Cover if you have enough RAM

If you have enough RAM, rest assured. Cover After all, it’s still in early access and these types of bugs still happen. You just Tell the game not to check how much RAM you have on your computer and here’s how to do it.

Right click and select properties. Screenshot of Dot EsportsEnter your message below. Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • Launch Steam.
  • Guaranteed Cover updated to the latest version.
  • Right click Cover and select “Properties”.
  • In the pop-up window, under the General tab, look down at the bottom where it says “Launch Options.”
  • In the box below, type the following: –disable-ram-check. This tells the game to ignore the RAM check on launch.
  • Close the window and launch the game—it should work again.
  • Tip:

    Once Enshrouded is updated, even if a hotfix is ​​available, reopen this window and remove –disable-ram-check to see if it works. If that doesn’t work, reset it and wait for another update.

    How to fix ‘Not enough system memory’ error in Cover if you DO NOT have enough RAM

    If you only have 8 GB of RAM or less, I cannot guarantee that the game will run properly. Long gone are the days when 8 GB of RAM was enough and early access titles like Cover Enjoy as much RAM as you give them. While I don’t think Cover needs more than 8 GB of RAM to operate, I can’t tell you exactly how the game works.

    While you can use it –disable-ram-check to avoid checking RAM, The game may run poorly for you, even if it ran fine until now. EQUAL Cover is updated, its hardware requirements may change.


    To check how much RAM your PC has, right-click on this PC and select Properties. A window will appear showing your device properties, including the amount of RAM you have.

    Windows properties show enough ram to run Enshrouded16 GB RAM is considered the gold standard. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    That moment, Consider upgrading to 16 GB RAM. I switched to 16GB nearly a decade ago, and I can’t imagine going back to less. Upcoming games will become more and more demanding, and RAM upgrades will help a lot. A 16GB stick of RAM (or two 8GB sticks) isn’t very expensive, and you’ll immediately notice an increase in performance.