Blog - February 8, 2024

How to fix crash on startup in Diablo 4

Launched Diablo 4 usually just a click away, but the process can suddenly become more complicated once the game starts freezes on startup.

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I play Diablo 4 on both Steam and PlayStation 5 (making the most of the sequel’s cross-progression). The freeze on startup error It’s mostly been on PC for me, and it has an inconsistent track record. It appears once in a blue moon and then disappears or causes a lot of problems.

Diablo 4 Startup error: The best way to fix it

1) Move Diablo 4 to the new drive

Kurast, a new region and area in Diablo 4's vessel of hatredGive your in-game files a new home. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If your Diablo 4 installed on HDD and you also have SSD, do the conversion and move it to SSD. Not only does the game start to load faster but also stopped freezing on startup. In my case, me Diablo 4 was installed on my old SSD and I moved it to an NVMe SSD on my system.

2) Reinstall Diablo 4

While moving the game’s installation folder may fix this error, you can be more certain by reinstalling the game. Diablo 4. Delete it on your current drive and make sure to install it on the new drive.

If you only have a single drive on your PC, reinstalling the sequel may still fix the freeze during startup. Diablo 4. These types of errors usually appear due to corrupted files in the game, and reinstalling will remove them all in one go.

3) Repair Diablo 4

I usually prefer reinstalling to repairing, but if you want to reduce your waiting time, you can try repairing Diablo 4 instead of.

  • Open Launcher.
  • Select Diablo 4.
  • Select the gear icon next to the Play button.
  • Select Scan and Repair and select Start Scan.

The scanner will look at your game’s files and replace anything damaged in the process.

4) Turn off Overlays in Nvidia games or similar software

Coating can cause Diablo 4 to freeze during boot. Nvidia’s in-game overlay has been reported to cause inconsistencies, and disabling it has helped players fix crashes. If other overlays are running on your PC, you should disable them as well.