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How to fix Bored Friend condition in Palworld

IN PalworldHey buddy become depressed if their Sanity plummets. This condition is different from other states such as Starvation or Injury, as it requires a unique approach to remedy.

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The only method to resolve Depression is to use a Medicine Workbench to craft Advanced Medical Supplies, but beyond that, players should learn what makes Pals Depression in the first place and how to avoid it altogether. All status effects.


  • How Depression Works in Palworld
  • How to prevent friends from getting depressed in Palworld
  • How to cure depressed friends in Palworld
  • Can you cure your depressed friends in Palbox?

How depression works in Palworld

Screenshot of Palworld's opening cutscene with three characters staring at you.Don’t let your Friends’ Morale drop too low. Screenshot of Dot Esports

IN Palworld, Friends are depressed there is a purple box that says “Depression” next to their photo in your Base Friends list. Friends are depressed tired and work slower, hindering the production of your base. If you don’t cure them, trade them to a healthy Friend to get things going smoothly.

“Sad and go to sleep” friends are not depressed but May have low Sanity. It’s smart to help them before they become depressed.

How to prevent friends from getting depressed in Palworld

Ideally, you should prevent Friends from getting depressed in the first place, which you can do by Make sure your Friends are always fed and comfortable as Make sure Pals are on break.

Two important items you need to build to avoid depressed Friends are beds and hot springs. Every Friend deserves his own bed, so when you come back to add more Friends to your base, Build one or two more beds to compensate your newest Pal members. The hot springs act as a kind of recovery area for your friends to go to when they are tired or lacking in SpiritGuaranteed they’ll bounce back and stay entertained—contrary to popular belief, Your Friends Are Not Slaves!

Make sure you have one too Many different types of food are available at your base so your Friends don’t go hungry because starvation is one of the main factors that affects your Friends’ Morale. Build yourself one plantation And Food containers to ensure your Friends are fed automatically, and make sure you have some Friends specializing in Gathering and Farming in case you’re away for a while.


You may notice some Friends are stuck or bugged, which can lead to reduced Sanity and eventually Depression when the game thinks they are active. If you notice any errors, reset them by reassigning them in your Palbox!

How to treat depressed friends in Palworld

Palworld screenshot showing the crafting cost of Advanced Medical Supplies on the Medieval Medicine Workbench.You need a few drops of Pal to cure Depression. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To treat a friend suffering from depression in Palworld, Craft high-end medical supplies with a medieval medicine workbench. To do so, you need the following:

  • Medieval Medicine Workbench, unlocked at level 12 with Tech Points.
  • Five Ingots, crafted from 10 Ore using the Furnace.
  • Five horns, dropped from horned friends.
  • Two Bones, dropped by Vixy, Rushoar, Gorirat and other Friends.
  • A friend is suitable for a job in drug manufacturing. This is optional but useful to speed up crafting time. Some examples are Lifmunk and Lovander.
  • If you cannot craft this item for any reason, you can purchase Premium Medical Supplies from the red-clad Wandering Merchant in Duneshelter, at coordinates 344, 361 for 3,000 Gold Coins a piece.

    Tip: Grind the gold, not the raw material!

    The most effective way to stock up on Advanced Medical Supplies is to buy them from the Wandering Merchant, but the cost is relatively high. So instead of growing different raw materials to produce medicine, focus on farming Gold.

    How to Give Premium Medical Supplies to Your Pal

    Once crafting is complete, grab the Premium Medical Supplies from the Workbench. When you have medicine in stock, you have several options to treat your sick Friend:

  • If your Friend is working at a base, go there and press the button to access the Menu. When the selection wheel appears, select Feed. This action will bring up a new window containing your Premium Medical Supplies, ready for you to use on your Depressed Friend.
  • For friends at your party, open your inventory and use Premium Medical Supplies from there. A new window will list the friends in your group. Select the Depressed Friend and confirm your action to use the item and cure its condition.
  • If your Friend is in Palbox, pass it on to your Team or assign it to your base. Then proceed to steps one or two, depending on Pal’s new location.
  • Your friend is now cured of Depression. These supplies can also heal creatures affected by the Weakened condition, and the methods for using the potion are exactly the same. To prevent this from happening again, make sure to leave food in your base inside Food Boxes and build Hot Springs to restore your Friends’ Sanity.

    Can you cure your depressed friends in Palbox?

    Palbox screenshot in Palworld showing a Dumud with a Sanity and Depression status of 100.There is no other way to heal depressed friends. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Contrary to popular belief, you cannot cure Depression just by keeping your Friend in the Mailbox. Palbox only supports Morale and Health. If your Friend is Depressed, it will remain that way, even if its Sanity reaches 100 in the Palbox. The only solution is to use high quality medical supplies. I tried leaving my Dumud Depression in the box for about eight hours – Its Sanity returned to 100, but the unfortunate thing was still Depression.