Blog - February 1, 2024

How to fix black screen error in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Granblue Fantasy: Relinking encountering a black screen error when starting the game causes many players headaches. If you encounter a black screen before the main menu, after or before the logo appears, don’t worry. There is a fix you can try now that worked for me.

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Potential fixes for the above black screen Granblue Fantasy: Relinking start up

Black screen problem in Link again Maybe there is a problem with the game file or your computer. But since many players are facing this problem, it’s possible that this is an issue in the game that the developers will eventually address.

Meanwhile, try these solutions in order. I’ve listed simpler fixes first, such as letting the game start without pressing any buttons. That worked for me immediately. Other fixes may involve reinstalling the game or updating files on your computer. Here’s everything you can try.

Disable Steam input and overlay

Steam settings screenshot showing Controller options for Granblue Fantasy Relink,Turning off Steam input is a good alternative for mouse and keyboard players. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Turning off Steam input and the Steam overlay fixes the black screen for many people Granblue Fantasy: Relinking PC players use a mouse and keyboard. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Steam Library.
  • Find and right click Granblue Fantasy: Relinking.
  • Select Properties.
  • In the new window, find the “Enable Steam overlay while in game” option on the right. If the slider next to it is blue, click it to turn it off. If the slider is greyed out, leave it as it is.
  • Now click Controllers on the left menu.
  • Next to Override for Granblue Fantasy: RelinkingUse the drop-down list to select Disable Steam Input.
  • This works best if you use a mouse and keyboard. It stops controller support, so non-Steam controllers won’t work with the game when you change the Steam Input settings. If you want to play with a controller, turn off Steam Overlay and try one of the other fixes below.

    Do not press any buttons during startup

    This simple fix has worked for me and many others. When you start the game from Steam, don’t press anything. Let the logos appear and press the buttons only after the home screen animation and Granblue illusion logo starts loading. If this works, continue doing this every time you run the game until an official fix is ​​available.

    Disconnect your controller before running the game

    Some players have fixed the internal black screen issue Link again by starting the game without any controllers plugged in. They then connect the controller after loading the home screen. It seems that some controllers can cause the game to crash when starting. So, trying this simple step may also help you.

    Check your hardware drivers for updates

    Check for updates to your computer’s components, like the GPU, processor, and motherboard. Even if Relink doesn’t require a powerful computer, old drivers may not work well with the game. This is often true of GPU drivers. Updating them may fix the problem.

    Reinstall the game

    Your last resort is to reinstall Granblue Fantasy: Relinking to ensure your game files aren’t compromised somewhere along the way. To do so, simply right-click the game in your Steam Library, select Manage, then Uninstall. Reinstall the game and try again.

    Wait for a hot fix or a refund

    If Granblue Fantasy: Relinking still not working after trying everything, you have two options. Wait for the developer to fix it or ask Steam for a refund. This is a common issue, so consider waiting a day for an update that may resolve it. If you’re really upset, you can ask Steam for a refund, but the game will disappear from your library.