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How to find Rosin for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reloaded

After defeating the first big boss on the subway car in Persona 3 Reload, You have access to a series of quests called Elizabeth’s Requiems.

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These quests require you to complete tasks within Tartarus and the entire map, such as finding a certain Persona, collecting a specific amount of items, and sometimes something related to the cast of characters. major, such as the request Bring Me Rosin, are among them. at number 12 on the list.

While most people, myself included, probably think that Pine Resin is in a specific store and go hunting for it in various locations, the truth is that the item’s location is much easier to get—and I felt like an idiot when I realized.

Location of rosin in Reload Persona 3

Elizabeth asks to reload Persona 3Requires time. Screenshot of Dot Esports

First, when you can access Elizabeth’s Request, you need to Make sure you accept the quest. You’ll know if you’ve done this if the Available tab next to it changes to In Progress.

Yukari’s request. Screenshot of Dot EsportsRosin Get! Screenshot of Dot Esports

To find turpentine, Return to the Student Dormitory in the evening immediately after receiving the request. From the map, you will see a ‘!’ marks that let you know there’s something in the area that you can find.

On the bottom floor of the Student Dormitory you will find that ‘!’ The sign was hovering above Yukari’s head. Approach her and interact with her to see a small cutscene. After a little conversation, she gives you the Pine Resin you need.

Complete the Persona 3 resin reload requirementToy bow reward. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Once you have the Pine Resin, return to Elizabeth in Tartarus or from the world map before the battle. date until June 6. Give her the important item and you will be given a toy bow, Yukari can equip this to give her a much-needed attack boost in the next part of the game.

Of course, if you don’t plan on continuing to use Yukari in your party in the future, you can always sell the item for some cash.

Can you receive Rosin after May 2?

The last chance to get Pine Resin will be on May 2nd. After that date, the item will no longer be available and you will miss out on the Toy Bow reward. Make sure that doesn’t happen by prioritizing this task and doing it first instead of wasting valuable time on other tasks.

Getting the Toy Bow earlier is also very useful in the early stages of the game. The bow may be a bit funny, but it’s highly accurate, helping you overcome particularly elusive enemies like Golden Shadows.