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How to find iron ore in Enshrouded

Iron ore is a resource that you can expect to find in Cover as you continue to dig deeper into the crafting tree. However, it can be difficult to keep track, especially when you’re trying to craft some high-end gear for you and your teammates.

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If you haven’t encountered it yet Iron ore, probably because you haven’t explored a specific place yet. Similar to other documents you must follow in Cover, they only appear as you progress further in the game and have the opportunity to explore new biomes. But I can help you narrow down where you need to go and what is required to get to this point.

Here’s what you need to know about How to find iron ore IN Cover.

Where to find iron ore Cover

How to get iron ore in EnshroudedIron ore appears in caves in Kindlewastes. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Iron ore is a resource that begins to appear once you reach the Kindlewastes region IN Cover. I reliably found it by exploring the caves north of the Ancient Spire – the Kindlewastes fast travel point.

I found Iron Ore at the Kindlewastes fast travel point to the far east above Cover map. You must cross Umber Hollow and head northeast of Ridgeback Mine to find it. After unlocking this location, glide from the top of the tower and head north, where you can find a cave above the Shroud. You may not have explored this area if you’ve only recently defeated Fell Wiswyvern, but this is one of the places to visit after this achievement.

Where to find iron ore in EnshroudedThere is a cave north of fast travel Kindlewastes that contains Iron Ore. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Cave section There’s plenty of iron ore here to get you started Cover, and the other caves in this area are sure to have plenty for you to harvest. However, the trick is not to stay in these caves for too long as many of them are filled with Shrouds, making it impossible to use fast travel points to escape. ONE A good idea might be to build a base near these caves to help you get there automatically instead of having to walk or scroll every time you want to explore the area. For those needing to track down Scales, this area is a great place to harvest scorpions that drop them.

When you have enough Iron Ore, take it back to your Blacksmith Cover to create some craft projects. However, you must convert this ore into Iron Bars. You can do it at Smelter, which requires you to have 10 Iron Ore and 25 Coal before you can craft it.