Blog - February 2, 2024

How to find Crucible in Enshrouded

Unlocking the Blacksmith was an aha moment for me Cover trip. I was eager to create powerful recipes, including armor and weapons, but I quickly realized that I had to. Find a crucible to get Smelter into my base.

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I’m not a fan of long distance travel Cover. Even though I built the Glider as soon as possible, it still didn’t scratch my itch for faster travel. Luckily, the Blacksmith will tell you exactly where you need to go to get to the Crucible, and there’s a fast travel point near that location.

The important location of the smelter is in Cover

The location of the Mark of Sameth is marked on Enshrouded's map.The mine must be filled with hostile enemies. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To get to the Crucible IN Coveryou need to travel to the Mark of Sameth. You can use the Revelwood fast travel point and then head west from the Ancient Spire. Once you get to that location, you’ll need to enter the mine or cave to find the Crucible.

Find one silver chest inside the mine and remove the rubble next to it. Destroy the ruins will give you access to a new room where you will find The Crucible on a table. The silver chest contains the Wizard’s Chest armor piece, so be sure to open it.

While ignoring all enemies and just rushing inside is an option, I decided to kill all nearby enemies at my own pace. Since finding the silver chest can take several minutes, not being chased by dozens of enemies will make the process easier.

Once you find the Crucible, you will be able to place the Furnace and get Copper Bars by crafting. The entire journey will also lay the foundation for your future Blacksmithing endeavors, so be quick to forge and upgrade your equipment in Cover.