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How to find and catch Wumpo in Palworld

If you don’t fall in love right away Wumpo when you see it because it looks like it needs to be cuddled, you will want it knowing that you can ride it as a mount.

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You can also use the Wumpo to carry items and when used, your carrying capacity will increase. If you don’t want the Wumpo moving on the road, you can leave it at your base while it performs jobs using Craftwork, Lumbering, Cooling, or Transport. This Pal has many different uses and having it means upgrading the quality of life a lot. Here’s how to put Wumpo on Palworld.

All Wumpo stats in Palworld

Wumpo's Paldeck page in Palworld.Up down. Screenshot of Dot Esports Element typeStonePotential dropsIce organ, beautiful flowerJob suitabilityManual work (second level), Carpentry (third level), Cooling (second level), Transportation (fourth level)Partner skillsSnow Mountain Guardian: Can be ridden. While on the team, Wumpo helps carry items, increasing the player’s maximum carrying capacity.Food gradeEight out of 10DescriptionResearchers once tried to shave off its fur to reveal its true form. In the end, only hair remained, as if that was all there was to begin with.

How to find Wumpo in Palworld

Palworld map, showing Wumpo's exact locationLocation of Wumpo. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Wumpo is an Ice-type Pal found in Snowy area in the north of the map, as shown on the map above. It is roaming the area and you can find it with a friend or two. They are quite slow and you can easily keep up with them, even without a mount.

Remember, this is a cold region and bringing cold-resistant clothing is a must. Wumpo Botan, a variant of Wumpo, is found in a different location.

How to catch Wumpo in Palworld

The easiest way to counter is to bring a Fire-type Pal and stay in range. The Wumpo exhales a freezing breath in a cone in front of it, and this will freeze you unless you get out of the way. Ideally, you should stay within a safe range and let your Fiery Friend do it for you. Also, make sure to have a few Pal Spheres on hand.