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How to find and catch Relaxaurus in Palworld

Some of the best Palworld Friends are people whose stupid attitudes hide their evil Paldeck entry. Relaxaurus, despite looking like a fool, is a menacing (but useful!) friend both in battle and housekeeping. And it’s worth taking the time to grasp! Luckily, finding them isn’t too difficult.

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Relaxaurus statistics in Palworld

Paldeck page of Relaxaurus in Palworld.Relax. Screenshot of Dot Esports relaxElement typeWater
DragonPotential dropsHigh quality Pal oil
RubyJob suitabilityLevel 2 watering
Level 1 transportationPartner skillsHungry Rocket – Allows you to ride Relaxaurus and have it fire a barrage of missiles when mounted.Food grade7 out of 10Paldeck entranceContrary to its cold appearance, it is quite aggressive. It sees everything in its sight as prey and will stop at nothing to devour it..

Relaxaurus’ rocket launcher

Tip: You need to unlock the Relaxaurus Partner Skill

While many Friends will let you use their Partner Skills as soon as you capture them, Relaxaurus is a Friend that requires you to unlock their skills in your Tech tree. You will have to reach level 44 and then craft Relaxaurus’ rocket launcher Use 35 Polymer, 85 Paldium Fragments, 100 Ingots and 100 Refined Ingots.

Location Relaxaurus is in Palworld

Relaxasaurus breeding grounds are tightly clustered in the centers of heavily wooded islands. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Relaxaurus often spawns around Ascetic Falls and the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon area in the central forest islands of Palworld. They have no specific spawning grounds, instead they move around the many hills and open spaces of this two-island system—if you see “Relaxaurus Lux” as a boss on your map, you’re on and their breeding area. Their level ranges from mid to high 10, making them a target for early-game players who have just hit the level 15 mark.

Even though Ascetic Falls has many hills, you can almost always see these monsters thanks to their ridiculous height and long necks. You can easily find them around the level 31 dungeon “Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon” where their electric Fusion Pal is located.

How to catch Relaxaurus in Palworld

Relaxaurus is a Water Dragon and tends to initiate fights with standard water blasts—which can slow you down when fighting—and dragon shots. It’s important to be ready to dodge attacks from these guys even if you don’t pet them because they are very hot-tempered and will attack immediately if you get close. If you have trouble taking them down, take them with you Grass type friends like Dinossum or Ice type friends like Chillet to deal super effective damage and thin the herd. However, you should avoid using Fire-type Friends or Dark-type Friends — Relaxaurus eats those types of Friends for lunch.

When your target is low on health, you can capture the Relaxaurus in the Pal Sphere normally. But we recommend switching to Mega Spheres if you plan on getting a lot of them—their catch rate is usually around 20 to 30 percent with base rarity orbs.

What is Relaxaurus used for?

Screenshot by Dot Esports via Pocketpair on YouTube

Relaxaurus is waterer—one of two first-level waterers accessible to Trainer Pal—with the ability carriage. As a Water Dragon type, Relaxaurus is a great partner for fighting Fire or Dark-type Friends and can be mounted to unlock a fast-paced attack when you have a Saddle. When defeated or captured, Relaxaurus has a high chance of dropping High Quality Pal Oil and a lower chance of dropping Ruby. High-quality Pal Oil is used for late-game materials like Polymers, while Rubies are sold to merchants for 500 gold.