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How to find and catch Gumoss in Palworld

There are lots of friends to catch and make Palworld that it’s easy to miss some. mashmallow is a Friend you can find early on, but there’s a chance you might have missed this one.

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On your journey to fully completing your Paldeck, you’ll need to know How to find and catch Gumoss in Palworld.

Gumoss Type, Partner Skills, Job Suitability, etc

Most Pals only stick with one type of Element, but mashmallow is one of the rare creatures that actually has two Elements for you to work with, which makes it a good ally that works well in a variety of situations. Here’s everything you need to know about Gumoss, including Factors, Partner Skills, Job Fit, etc.

  • Element: Grass and Soil
  • Partner skills: Login support
    • “When in a group, increase tree cutting efficiency.”
  • Job compatibility: Planting first level trees
  • Potential drops: Berry seeds and Gumoss leaves
  • Starvation: 1/10
  • Biology: “A strange friend whose body resembles tree sap. It will gradually lose its strength if there is nothing to cover itself, and will eventually rot.”

Gumoss's Paldeck page in Palworld.It is a small plant creature. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Where to find Gumoss Palworld

mashmallow maybe Found quite abundantly throughout the Palpagos Islandsbut the easiest location to find is grass hill near where you first appeared Palworld, which is the starting Plateau Fast Travel Point. Throughout the hills between here and the Grassy Behemoth Hills Fast Travel Point, I often see Gumoss jumping around a lot.

Some other areas you can visit to find this Pal is the island to the northeast of the starting area, which is Swamp islandand the island to the northwest of the starting area, that is The forgotten island. This Pal is extremely popular in all areas you can visit to find it, so you should have no problem finding quite a few to add to your list.

Map of Gumoss locations.It’s one of the easiest Pals to find. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to catch Gumoss in Palworld

Have a lot of mashmallow around the starting area and they are all very low level which means you must have no problem catching one with a basic Pal Sphere. Gumoss was one of the first Friends I caught and added to my Paldeck because it was an extremely easy friend to recruit.

Even the toughest Gumoss I’ve come across can still be easily caught with just a basic Pal Sphere, so you definitely want to save all your better ones for the much harder to catch Pals , like Beakon or Blazehowl.