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How to find and catch Grizzbolt in Palworld

Grizzbolt To be by Palworld mainly, because it was the main thing that appeared in Pocket Pair’s ads for the game over the years.

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As one of the rarest Pals, players will probably want to add Grizzbolt to their roster. So here’s how to bring in Grizzbolt Palworld.

Grizzbolt stats in Palworld

Grizzbolt's Paldeck page in Palworld.Grizzbolt stats. Screenshot of Dot Esports Grizzbolt statsElement typeElectricityJob suitabilityLevel 2 crafting, level 2 wood sawing, level 3 transportation, level 3 electricity generationPartner skillsYellow Tank: Possibly a mount. Can fire a minigun while mounted.Food gradeSeven out of 10Pal equipmentGrizzbolt’s shotgunThe most powerful attackLightning Strike – Power: 120 CT: 40

Grizzbolt’s grin joined his grin Minigun special attack, solidifying his meme status in the community. But despite that, he is one of the most elusive and inaccessible creatures in the entire series.


Palworld is a game in early access, so in-game content may change over time. This article will be updated to detail the latest information about Grizzbolt as it changes.

Grizzbolt’s location in Palworld

Spotting Grizzbolt. Screenshot of Dot EsportsHide in the dark. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Grizzbolt is located in the world’s southernmost Nature Reserve No. 1, on a special island called Pal Sanctuary.

This island was intended to protect the Pal people from being captured as they were believed to be nearby extinct or rare—but don’t let that stop you.

Tip: Don’t get caught!

Although going to the island is considered a criminal offense and can make you wanted, you will only get into trouble if you are caught by soldiers on the island, so Avoid them having to pay all the costs.

It will take some time for Grizzbolt to spawn. It’s one of the rarer Pals you can find on the island and it took me 30 minutes for one to show up. It can spawn both day and night, but I had better luck finding it at night on the upper half of the island.

Once you find it, you need to weaken it to the point where you can catch it. It will have approx 20% chance of being caught in second class Pal Ball, so bring in plenty of fish to increase your chances of a successful catch. Otherwise, you have to make the long trip home to try again next time.

How to catch Grizzbolt in Palworld

A very powerful friend, Grizzbolt, a rare friend in Palworld.With the power of electricity, Grizzbolt is a formidable Pal. Image from Pocket Pair.

To catch a Grizzbolt, you have to make sure you are At least level 20 or higher and at least yes a Giga spherePal Sphere’s second upgrade.

You must too ensure you have a friend who can fly and Unlockable Saddlebecause you have to cross the ocean to get to the Grizzbolt spawning site.


Bring your Ground-type friends to take advantage of the Grizzbolt-type’s weaknesses.

There you have it! You know everything you need to find and catch Grizzbolt Palworld. Good luck!