Blog - February 2, 2024

How to find and catch Foxcicle in Palworld

Anyone wishing to complete their Pal collection in Palworld can have some difficulty with rarer ones, like Foxcicle.

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If you haven’t seen one yet, I won’t blame you, as it’s pretty hard to find—but worth tracking down, whether when completing the Paldeck or if you’re still at the beginning of the game. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Foxcicle, its stats, its location, and tips on how to catch it.

Foxcicle type, job suitability and more

Foxcicle's Paldeck page in PalworldHow delicate. Screenshot of Dot Esports

In case the name hasn’t been revealed, Foxcicle is an Ice-type Pal and depends on how much you get into Palworld, is probably one of the best things you can add to your party. While this isn’t a Pal you can get early on, you can encounter it before reaching the second Syndicate Tower.

I recommend using Foxcicle mainly to fight with other friends (especially Dragon types), because of its Partner Skill Makes other Ice Pals in the group strongerand it only has one Job Suitability Level for the basic job.

  • Element: Stone
  • Partner skills: Aurora Tutorial—While on a team, increases the attack power of Ice Pals.
  • Job compatibility: Second level cooling
  • Drops may occur: Skin, Organ ice
  • Paldeck Biology: “On nights when the aurora is visible, it looks up at the sky and starts howling a beautiful song. However, this makes it vulnerable to enemy attacks.”

Where to find Foxcicle at Palworld

Palworld Map Foxcicle LocationDo you see that little orange cloud? That’s the only place Foxcicle appears. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You might think you need to go to the Frost Biome to encounter the Foxcicle, but it only appears in a specific area of ​​the Forest Biome: Snowy peaks in the northeast. Actually, you will be able to find a spot right outside the Pal Alliance Tower for free.

The image above shows the general location, but with this being a cold area, you’ll need cold-resistant clothing to avoid freezing to death. Luckily, the Tundra Outfit fulfills the requirement, which you’ll unlock at level nine on the Tech tree, and can be easily made with three Cloth and two Ice Organs.

How to catch Foxcicle in Palworld

Now comes the difficult part. First things first, Foxcicles are around level 30 or so, so make sure your level is roughly up to par before heading to the snowy mountains. Second, bring a good Fire Pal; Ideally something like Arsox or Leezpunk Ignis if you can find one. Third, unless you really increase your capture rate with the Lifmunk Scarecrow, craft and carry Super Spheres or Ultra Spheres. Less powerful orbs will have no effect, even if you increase the catch speed in custom settings.

While fighting the Foxcicle, remember to keep your distance as it uses projectile attacks. It can even freeze you in place, so keep that dodge button warm.