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How to find and catch Blazehowl in Palworld

Blazehowl is one of the best Pals you can join Palworld because it’s a great Fire-type Pal for Kindlings and you also need it to breed Blazehowl Noct.

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This Pal is also a great choice for mounts and when fighting Grass-type creatures. Blazehowl is very versatile so you should get it as soon as possible. You may also be hunting down Blazehowl to get your hands on the Noct version, which is classified as a Dark-type Pal, so here’s how to find and catch Blazehowl in Palworld.

Blazehowl statistics in Palworld

Blazehowl's Paldeck page in Palworld.Lion King. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Blazehowl is a Fire-type Pal that is great for Wood Burning and Woodworking. You can also ride it and use it to breed Blazehowl Noct.

Element typeFirePotential dropsFire OrganJob suitabilityThird Degree Wood Burning and Second Degree LoggingPartner skillsHellflame Lion – Can be ridden. When fighting together, Grass Pal will drop more items when defeated.Food gradeSeven out of 10DescriptionAlthough it likes raw meat, it always ends up eating well-cooked meat. This is due to its blistered claws, which are used as weapons – it simply does not realize its prey has been burned to ashes.

Location of Blazehowl in Palworld

The map in Palworld shows Blazehowl's exact locationBlazehowl is located in a volcanic complex. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can find Blazehowl on southwest island during the day and night. Blazehowl is roaming the western part of this island.

This is a volcanic biome, and to survive there, you’ll need Heat-resistant Armor and Water-type Friends to keep you safe. The enemies in this area are level 30 or higher and I do not recommend entering this area before that.

The easiest way to reach the volcano biome is to use fast-moving statues. For this one, you should find the Eternal Summer Beach statue, then move north to find Blazehowl.

How to catch Blazehowl in Palworld

To catch Blazehowl, take at least level 30 or higher, otherwise you will soon meet your death. This is a Fire-type Pal and it will be easier for you if you bring a Water-type to defeat it. It will shoot out and you need to dodge its attacks. Also, make sure to bring a high-quality Pal Sphere.