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How to find and capture Vanwyrm in Palworld

IN Palworld, Vanwyrm is a strong Fire/Dark-type Pal that you can catch, but the creature is an elusive one. I discovered the lava field of Obsidian Mountain to be a great location to catch this Pal, so here’s how you can do it in the game.

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All Vanwyrm stats in Palworld

Vanwyrm's Paldeck page in Palworld.Stand up. Screenshot of Dot Esports Vanwyrm StatisticsElement typeFire
DarkPotential dropsBone
Gold coins
RubyJob suitabilityLevel 3 transportation
Level 1 fire starterPartner skillsMarauders in the airFood grade6 out of 10

Where to find Vanwyrm Palworld (Map location)

Image showing the Vanwyrm spawn location in Palworld.Visit Obsidian Mountain to find Vanwyrm. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Vanwyrm is a strong Fire/Dark type creature Palworld, and you will encounter them a lot at Obsidian Mountain. This area, located in the southwest of the map (see image above for exact location), is full of powerful Fire-type creatures. The air in Obsidian Mountain is very hot and you must have it Heat stress armor, clothes and jewelry to dominate.

During the day, creatures such as Pyrin, Arsox, Blazehowl, Leezpunk Ignis, Incineram, Gobfin Ignis, and Vanwyrm are commonly found in the lava-filled areas of Obsidian Mountain. Likewise, you will encounter creatures like Pyrin Noct, Blazehowl Noct, and Incineram Noct at night in this area. Additionally, Obsidian Mountain is also home to Jetragon, a powerful legendary Dragon-type Pal.

How to catch Vanwyrm in Palworld

Image shows Vanwyrm at Obsidian Mountain in PalworldCapture Vanwyrm using Spheres. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Capturing Pals requires you to weaken them before throwing the Capture Orb. Use the same technique as Vanwyrm: Shoot at the creature with your weapon to reduce its HP. When it weakens, throw the Sphere at Pal to catch it. It’s best to use one Single-shot rifle or one Bow to weaken creatures, as powerful weapons like Assault Rifles often eliminate them. Actually

Tip: Friends can help catch Friends

Unlike most Pals, Vanwyrm actually comes in two types: Fire and Dark. As a result, it has twice the strengths and twice the weaknesses. You’ll want to avoid using a Grass or Neut-type Pal against Vanwyrm, but a Water or Dragon-type Pal can Actually help you!

While catching You, check the Catch Odds that pop up when you use the Orb to see the odds. I recommend it Giga Ball (or higher) to capture powerful Friends like Vanwyrm. Since this Friend tends to move in groups, you can use it Scatter Orb Launcher to catch multiple creatures at once.

How to ride Vanwyrm in Palworld

Image showing Vanwyrm Saddle in PalworldCraft a Vanwyrm Saddle to ride Pal. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Vanwyrm is a rideable Pal and you can fly around the map after riding this creature. To drive this Pal, you need Vanwyrm saddle (unlocked at Technology level 21). Once unlocked, craft the saddle at the Pal Gear Workbench at your base with the following resources:

  • Animal skin – 20
  • Fire Organ – ten
  • Embryo – 15
  • Fiber – 30
  • Paldium Fragment – 20

Once the saddle is ready, you’ll be able to fly around on Vanwyrm’s back. Vanwyrm can perform Active Skills while flying around, so use this creature’s ability to attack enemies from above.