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How to find and capture Sibelyx in Palworld

Sibelych is a Clear Ice-type Pal Palworld and it is one of the best sources of high quality Fabric when working on the farm.

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Not only can you take Sibelyx into battle when fighting the Dragon-type Pal, but you can also leave it in your base for potion production, cooling, and farming. Above all, it is quite useful when you need high quality Fabric. It is used to craft various recipes, such as the Giga Glider, Lily’s Spear, and various heat-resistant clothing. You can find Sibelyx in various locations around the world, and it’s also Alpha Pal. So here’s how to find and catch Sibelyx in Palworld.

All Sibelyx stats in Palworld

Sibelyx's Paldeck page in Palworld.Far away snow, good snow. Screenshot of Dot Esports Element typeStonePotential dropsIce OrganJob suitabilityTertiary Medicine Production, Secondary Cooling and Secondary CultivationPartner skillsSilk Maker – When activated, Sibelyx attacks targeted enemies with a powerful Blizzard Spike. When placed in charge of the Farm, Sibelyx produces high quality Fabrics.Food gradeFive out of 10DescriptionA friend likes the rain and often bathes in the rain until it stops. On rainy days, Foxparks are often seen taking shelter beneath it.

How to find Sibelyx in Palworld

Map in Palworld, showing the exact location of Sibelyx in the wildSibelyx in the wild. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can find Sibelyx in snowy area on the northern island, as shown on the map above. Pal is usually level 17 and you can track it down quite early. Search the area carefully and don’t forget to bring cold-resistant armor to avoid freezing to death in this hostile land. You can hunt for it day and night.

Palworld map, showing the exact location of Sibelyx Alpha PalLocation of Sibelyx Alpha Pal. Screenshot of Dot Esports

When you reach level 40 or higher, you can go to the Sealed Realm of the Pristine Field dungeon and find the Sibelyx Alpha Pal version. It is located on the largest island in the Frostbound Mountains at coordinates 251, 72.

How to catch Sibelyx in Palworld

Sibelyx is an Ice-type Friend and the easiest way to counter it is to bring a Fire-type Friend. I like to carry Bushi or Blazamut, but any Fire-type Pal will do. If you are catching Sibelyx in the wild, you will manage with a regular Pal Sphere, but for Alpha Pal you need higher quality fruit.

Also, dodge any critical abilities shot at you and before you know it, you’ll have your own Sibelyx.