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How to find and capture Jetragon in Palworld

Palworld There are a few Legendary Friends, but catching them can be extremely difficult. Jetragon is a legendary dragon of fiery lava and a challenging boss. Here’s how to find and catch Jetragon in Palworld.

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How do you catch Jetragon in the Palworld

Image with boss Jetragon in PalworldFight Jetragon with a powerful team. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The only way to catch Jetragon in Palworld is by going to its marked boss location at Obsidian Mountain and fighting it head-on. As a legendary Dragon-type Pal, the fight will be difficult, but that doesn’t mean Jetragon doesn’t have weaknesses. Ice type friends are great options because by Palworld type chart.

Of course the first thing I thought of when the Ice type appeared was Frostallion. What’s better about fighting a Legendary Friend than another Legendary Friend serving as an ideal opponent in terms of type? However, maybe you don’t have Frostallion yet and that’s completely fine. After all, the “use one Legendary to capture another Legendary” strategy has always seemed like a scam to me.

So if it’s not Frostallion, then what is it? The answer is actually quite simple: Use Chillet. This is a pretty good Ice-type Pal and you can get Alpha from level 11, so there’s nothing stopping you from catching it quite early.

Jetragon type, job suitability and more

Jetagron's Paldeck page in Palworld.Screenshot by DotEsports

Jetragon is one Legendary dragon friend and can be found on the volcanic region on the map at Level 50. It is described in the game as “Can be ridden as a flying mount. Rocket launchers can be rapidly fired while on horseback.”

Jetragon statisticsElement typeDragonPotential dropsPure Quartz, Polymer, Carbon Fiber, DiamondJob suitabilityLevel 3 gatheringPartner skillsMissiles in the airFood gradeNine out of 10

Jetragon to be exact Palworld location

Image showing Jetragon's location at PalworldVisit Obsidian Mountain to find Jetragon. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Jetragon is located at Obsidian Mountain in the southwest Volcanic region (check the yellow markers on the image above for its exact location). Obsidian Mountain has an extremely hot atmosphere, so you will need heat-resistant armor to survive in this area.

The nearest fast travel point near Jetragon’s spawn is Eternal summer beach. Unlock fast travel first to easily get to and from your base, just in case you fail in your first attempt at taking down this legendary boss.

The best friends to use against Jetragon—How do you beat Jetragon?

Recommended friendElement typeChilliIce, DragonVanwyrm crystalice, darknessIce reptileice, groundWumpoStonerimeStone

The best friends to fight Jetragon are Wumpo and Frostallion, because Ice-type friends are a direct counter to Dragon types, and these friends will have many Ice skills that will deal additional damage.

Image showing two Jetragons in PalworldLevel 50 boss battles include two bosses in Palworld. Screenshot of Dot Esports

When trying to capture Jetragon, your best option is to shoot the boss from a distance. Use one Assault rifle (unlocked at Tech Level 45) and craft lots of assault rifle ammo, as you’ll need a lot of ammo to take down powerful bosses. Assault rifles are the best weapons to use from a distance as long as you can get a headshot. Stand on a vantage point and fire a few shots at the boss to lure it out of the spawning area. Repeat this process a few times to weaken the boss before jumping into battle with your Friend.

Also, to catch a powerful Pal like Jetragon, I recommend using the Legendary Orb. This item will unlock when you reach it Technology level 44. After reaching level 50, boss fights will become more difficult as you Encounter two bosses at spawning sites instead of one. My suggestion is to level up your strongest Friends and craft the best gear available before approaching higher level boss fights.

You can take Jetragon in Palworld?

Unlock Jetragon’s saddle. Screenshot of Dot EsportsFly on Jetragon to cover the map quickly. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Yes, you can go and fly on Jetragon in Palworld, and I found this to be the fastest flying mount in the game. To do this, you must craft Jetragon’s rocket launcher from Pal Gear workbench.

The resources required for Jetragon’s Rocket Launcher are:

  • 100% leather
  • 200 refined ingots
  • 50 circuits
  • 140 Paldium pieces

This legendary saddle lets you ride and fly around with Jetragon. Additionally, you can shoot missiles while riding on Jetragon’s back. Jetragon’s Rocket Launcher manufacturing diagram unlocked at Tech level 50so level up quickly if you want a ride.

Can you get Jetragon through breeding combos?

Unfortunately, you cannot get Jetragon through breeding combinations that do not involve Jetragon. So if you were hoping for a nice workaround to get the fastest flyer in the game, you’re out of luck.

Simply put, the only way to breed Jetragon is—using two Jetragons! That being said, once you get your hands on future mom and dad Jetragon, breeding new Friends of this type will be much easier than going around Palpagos fighting them again!

How to get Jetragon breed

Image shows Jetragon spawning in PalworldUse the Livestock Farm to mate with friends. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Livestock system in Palworld Allow friends to mate to get new eggs. I tried this with a few Jetragons and it worked perfectly. To start the process, Build a breeding barn at your facility. Now, you just need to catch a few Jetragons (one male, one female) and deliver them to the Breeding Barn.

Image of the Giant Dragon Egg in PalworldUse the Egg Incubator to incubate eggs. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Prepare some Cake first because it is a necessary ingredient for livestock. Add Cake to the Breeding Pen box And specify your Friends manually to start the process. Keep in mind that this may take some time, so I recommend focusing on other tasks while Pal is hatching. Build an Incubator if you don’t have one in your base as it is needed for the incubation process.

Image of the Jetragon egg hatching in PalworldIncubate Jetragon eggs. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Once the breeding process is complete, you will receive a set Giant dragon egg in the Breeding Barn—usually four. Pick them up and interact with them Hatcher. You will be rewarded with a newborn level one Jetragon that has the same Passive Skill as its parent. Best of all, you can combine your new Jetragons with their ideal partners to get some powerful new Pals.