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How to find and capture Beakon in Palworld

Beacon is one of the most impressive flying mounts in the Palworldand it also comes with a range of work-appropriate options that are sure to make your basic life easier. That’s a great friend to have, which means you need to get on with finding and embracing one.

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Getting Beakon is an important quest if you want to completely fill your Paldeck, and it’s also a pretty useful ally to have. This is How to find and catch a Beakon for yourself in Palworld.

Mine type, Partner skills, Job suitability, etc

Beacon is both an extremely useful mount and a great companion to have at your base thanks to its comprehensive skill set, so here’s what you need to know about this Friend, including the element, Partner skills, Job suitability, etc

  • Element: Electricity
  • Partner skills: Thunder
    • “Can be ridden as a flying mount. Deals Electric damage to the player’s attacks while mounted.”
  • Job compatibility: Tertiary Transportation, Secondary Electricity Generation and Primary Collection
  • Potential drops: Electric Organ
  • Starvation: 7/10
  • Biology: “Some people think it is a related species to the Rangnahawk, but in reality there is no connection. Using its sharp beak, it swoops down on its prey with quick movements like a bolt of lightning.”

Beakon's Paldeck page in Palworld.It’s a pretty useful Pal. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Where to find Beakon Palworld

ARRIVE Find a Beakon in PalworldYou will need to embark on an adventure towards the main Northeast area of ​​the Palpagos Islands map. This Pal can be found flying around the wilderness in desert area of the world.

Deep Sand Dunes Fast Travel Point, located on the eastern edge of the desert area, is a great place to start looking for this Friend. From this point on, you may see a pair flying around nearby for you to catch.

Palapagos Islands map with Beakon locations marked.You can find this Pal throughout an area. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Beakon also appears as one Alpha Pal You can fight in a giant cave near the coast of the island in the middle of the map. You can find, fight, and capture this special Beakon by visiting the Deep Bamboo Bush Fast Travel point and going south.

The player is viewing the Alpha Pal version of Beakon.You can find this Alpha Pal inside a giant stone cave. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The last way you can get yourself a Beakon is to find one Large electric egg in the wild or breed two Pals together to get one. You are not guaranteed to get a Beakon if you hatch this type of egg, but there is a 1 in 4 chance that you will unlock one when it hatches.

How to catch Beakon in Palworld

Beakon is a fairly difficult Pal to catch, especially since it often flies into the air when you try to catch it. ARRIVE catch a mineYou will want Bring along some earth-type friends to help you weaken it and keep attacking it until its health drops low enough to throw the Pal Sphere and catch it.

I caught my first Beakon using Giga Ball, and even with this powerful animal, it still takes a few tries and a little luck to actually catch one. If you encounter a lower-level Beakon and luck is on your side, you can use a lower-level Pal Sphere, but otherwise, you’ll generally want to at least use a Giga Sphere to add this Pal. to your Paldeck.