Blog - February 5, 2024

How to farm Wood quickly in Palworld

Wood is needed for a lot by Palworld Buildings and resources can be crafted, and there are ways for you to stockpile and accumulate materials faster than usual.

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No food needed, Wood can be used for almost anything in Palworld. It’s one of the most basic resources, but that doesn’t mean you can get a lot of them quickly. Like Honey or Lettuce Seeds, you can make collecting these less boring and leave you wanting more.

Instead of hindering your crafting abilities, allow us to take you on a journey of discovery as we look at how you can most efficiently obtain Wood in Palworld. It would be a shame if you fell short in creating something you need, wouldn’t it, Wood?

The fastest way to get Wood Palworld

Cut down trees in PalworldChop that wood. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Cut down the tree

While not as fast as the other methods on this list, if you have nothing else to do, you can grab yourself an Ax and run away from any tree you come across. After a few swings of your trusty weapon, you’ll earn a Wood. Add a few more bites and you’ll be rewarded even more.

I will say that this method will serve you well as an early game technique but will quickly become obsolete as you progress.

Check the ground as you explore

From the beginning Palworld Until the last minute, there’s no harm in picking up any Wood lying on the floor as you run around Palpagos. Whether you’re approaching a big Friend like Astegon or preparing to take on the next big boss fight, you can always find Wood on his back.

Build a journaling website

The real game-changer in getting Lumber comes when you learn how to get Logging Pages—exponentially increasing the rate at which you get Lumber. This device will allow you to mass produce resources regularly on a daily basis.

However, if you don’t know how to build a logging site, here are some easy instructions:

  • Level up until you reach Tech Level Six.
  • Spend two Tech Points on “Logging Site”.
  • Select the base you want to build a Wood Production Area.
  • It will require the following resources to craft: 50 Wood, 20 Stone and 10 Paldium pieces.
  • Wait a few minutes or so and eventually the build will complete.
  • Have friends who have a high Lumbering skill level

    Now that you have a permanent Logging Site at one of your bases, you need the staff to operate it properly. To do this, you need Woodworking Friends with the right Level for the “Woodworking” job—ideally with higher level stats.

    The higher the Lumbering stat, the faster Pal can collect all the Wood from the Mining Site and even chop down some nearby trees to earn bonus Wood.

    We have a list of the best Woodworking Friends in Palworld, including favorites like Bushi, Dinossum Lux, Mammorest, Robinquill, etc.