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How to farm Mirage Munitions in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Mirage Munitions improve your weapons in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking after reaching level 150. They give your weapons a small increase in HP and Attack Power, which makes a big difference. To equip your weapon up to +99 Mirage Munitions, here is how you can farm this item.

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All missions drop Mirage Munitions Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

IN Granblue Fantasy: Relinkingyou can only get Mirage Munitions by Complete Boss missions on Maniac and Proud levels. These missions give you Mirage Munitions as Drops. So you just have to play these missions and hope to get this item eventually, as Item drops are given by chance. However, from what I’ve experienced so far, I always get at least one or two after completing quests about Maniac or Proud.

They don’t come in large numbers. I’m halfway through the Pride mission in my game, and I’ve only collected about 49 Mirage Ammo from all the Maniac and Proud missions I completed without farming any specific missions. If you do the math, since you can add up to 99 Mirage Ammo per weapon, you need a total of 1,881 Mirage Ammo to fully upgrade one weapon per character.

Luckily, you don’t need to collect that much, because you can remove Mirage Munitions from one weapon and transfer them to another at the forge. So the most you really need is 396, enough to upgrade the weapons of the four characters in your party to +99 at the end of the game. After reaching this point, there is no need to continue farming anymore.

The best quest to farm Mirage Munitions in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

Screenshot of the Death, Taxes and Goblins Maniac quest in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.The goblin warrior is an easygoing boss. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

If you plan on farming Mirage Munitions, I recommend doing it multiple times Mission “Death, Taxes and Goblins” in Maniac mode. This is one of the easiest missions in this level and the Goblin Warrior boss is one of the easiest to beat. It’s slow and doesn’t move much, leaving you vulnerable to combos and chain attacks. This is great advice if you want to complete the task quickly. For example, choosing the easiest mission means you’ll collect Mirage Munitions faster over time than doing the harder mission in Pride mode.

However, you cannot AFK farm Mirage Munitions because Assist Mode is completely disabled in the Maniac and Proud missions. You need to actively play.