Blog - February 1, 2024

How to farm Fiber in Palworld

After taking your first steps on the Palpagos Islands, you will quickly realize its importance Fiber may happen during your travel in Palworld from the beginning of the game to the end of a play.

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From Pal beds, basic weapons and shields to various decorations and other important items, Fiber is an essential resource IN Palworld that you will need to survive. Whether you’re preparing for a long expedition into the wilderness or want to make your base a little cozier, Fiber can be found in a variety of recipes.

However, if you are looking to collect a ton of Fiber at a resource-specific facility, there are plenty of options you can use to speed up production.

The fastest way to farm Fiber in Palworldexplain

In-game image of Pengullet from Palworld.Get a Water-based Pal and put them to work. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

First of all, you may want to make a base that has a lot of flat surfaces to build on or a lot of trees to chop down for you Fiber can only be found on plants or in specific Pal drops. The following is The best way to feed Fiber in game:

  • Upgrade your Palbox
    • You probably don’t want to turn your main base into a resource farm, which means you’ll have to upgrade your Palbox to level 10 to have access to a second base at your disposal.
  • Find a forest
    • Since trees are your only source of Fiber, you’ll want to find a spot on the map with lots of trees to place your base. This way, you can Assign friends with good Lumbering qualifications to begin the difficult task of clearing the tree for use. You can then take the Wood they collected for the next step.
  • Use the Crusher to get Fiber
    • Build a series of crushers at this base for you Can turn collected Wood into Fiber. You will need a friend with job characteristics Watering to automatically generate Fiber from the Wood you’ve accumulated, and depending on its level, you’ll quickly amass a sizable surplus for yourself and your needs.
  • Build a farm
    • If you want another source of fiber, you can too place Hoocrates or Hangyu on the Farm. These two Pals are the only ones that produce Fiber while grazing, making them another easy way to collect Fiber once the sun goes down.
  • Finally, Fiber will not be lacking in your playthroughs, especially with the amount of plants spawning around the world. Resources are sure to show up in your inventory whether you want them or not, and with a dedicated base, you’ll never want more.