Blog - February 1, 2024

How to farm Cryolinx in Palworld

Cryolinx is a two-sided and multi-sided Pal that seems to actually be able to navigate around your base without getting stuck on any and everything. Above all, this is one of the best coolers of all. Palworld.

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You can always catch Cryolinx in the wild, but that involves an arduous journey to some icy and dangerous mountains. Why take the risk when you can breed Cryolinx from the safety of your base with nothing more than a few very common Friends and some Cake? Here’s how to propagate Cryolinx in Palworld.

The best Cryolinx breeding combinations in Palworld

Screenshot of Cryolinx's Paldeck page in Palworld. Perfectly symmetrical arms, thank you. Screenshot of Dot Esports Screenshot of Cryolinx's Paldeck page in Palworld.Perfectly symmetrical arms, thank you. Screenshot of Dot Esports Screenshot of Cryolinx's Paldeck page in Palworld.Perfectly symmetrical arms, thank you. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Breeding in Palworld Not exactly intuitive. I personally learned that when I accidentally bred an Anubis while trying to get a second Mozzarina for my Dairy Farm. Here’s how breeding happens in the simplest and most straightforward way possible:

  • Two of the same kind always produce a third of the same kind.
  • Two different friends create a completely different feeling random but consistent result.

Some combinations that give you Cryolinx are completely pointless, but once you’ve discovered one, you can always rely on that formula to get the same results. Since there are so many Friends in this game there are thousands of different possible combinations, which means finding a pair that produces Cryolinx (not the obvious Cryolinx + Cryolinx) can take a lot time.

There are nearly 50 different Pal combinations that will produce Cryolinx, but some of those combinations involve extremely rare Pals that you may not have yet. On the other hand, some combinations can be achieved with the two more available Pals. Unlike Anubis, you can’t breed Cryolinx with any of the funny regular Pals, but there are still some great options. Here are some of the easiest ways to propagate Cryolinx.

Parent OneSecond ParentChildrenSuzakuGrizzboltCryolinxSuzakuLyleenCryolinxSuzakuBeakonCryolinxSuzakuOrserkCryolinxSuzakuHelzephyrCryolinxSuzakuIce ReptyroCryolinxSuzakuAstegonCryolinxBeakonBlazamutCryolinxBeakonShadowbeakCryolinxBeakonSuzaku AquaCryolinxBlazamutPyrin Noct CryolinxBlazamutMenastingCryolinxBlazamutGrizzboltCryolinxBlazamutLyleenCryolinxBlazamutHelzephyrCryolinxBlazamutRelaxaurus LuxCryolinxBlazamutIce ReptyroCryolinxBlazamutLyleen NoctCryolinxOrserkShadowbeakCryolinxOrserkPaladiusCryolinxOrserkNecromusCryolinxOrser k FrostallionCryolinxOrserkJetragonCryolinxOrserkFrostlion NoctCryolinx

Second way to propagate Cryolinx

Screenshot of two Pals at the livestock farm in Palworld.

If you go down the rabbit hole Palworld, you’ll definitely find yourself in a position where Cryolinx has a Passive Skill that’s exactly what you’re after, only you don’t have Second Cryolinx Breed it to pass on those skills. Below are Cryolinx breeding combinations using one Cryolinx as a parent:

Parent OneSecond ParentChildrenCryolinxAstegonCryolinxCryolinxOrserkCryolinxCryolinxShadowbeakCryolinxCryolinxPaladiusCryolinxCryolinxNecromusCryolinxCryolinxFrostallionCryolinxCryolinxJetragonCryolinxCryolinxFrostallion NoctCryolinx